Saturday, November 01, 2008

you had me at NaBloPoMo

I hope y'all got your trick-or-treat on last night. The weather was perfect for being outdoors, and our neighbourhood goes crazy with the Hallowe'en shiz. There's one street just over from us where nearly every house does something full-on - like a maze to get to the veranda, a haunted veranda, crypts, zombies wandering around. It's kickass. Makes our solitary little jack-o'lantern look pretty sad indeed. But the boys had fun, and the nice thing about Hallowe'en street is that that's the only place the boys want to go, and so once we're done, we're done. Less than 1 hour, people. We don't mess around. You can tell by looking at Charles that he doesn't mess around, right?

Rebel without a cause:

Super Mario:

One down! Expect more of the same stimulating and informative posts, people! I need to do this 29 more times, yo.

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