Sunday, November 02, 2008

still with the hallowe'en theme

One of my favourite Hallowe'en specials has to be "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown". It's a classic, of course, and I'm sure you've all seen it. It's the usual philosophical Linus, ever-faithful to his beliefs, and you have to respect a dude like that, really. No matter how much the other Peanuts mock him, he is steadfast. In a way, he's a bit of a zealot, but somehow he just never crosses that line. Or maybe I just don't want him to? In any case, it's a great show, and one that the boys enjoy as well, so it's become one that we watch as a family each year.

I don't know about you, but I noticed a severe lack of Hallowe'en specials on TV this year. I know there aren't as many of those as there are Christmas specials, but I seem to recall others, and for whatever reason (I blame that whole election thing to the south of us), there just weren't any on television. Of course we have basic cable, so maybe those of you in digital/satellite/awesome television land were better off? Anyway, lucky for us, someone has created this to jog our collective memories. How excited was I to remember some of these awesome specials! Fat Albert? Raggedy Ann? Paul freaking Lynde?? This is a goldmine, people. And the best part, for me, was the inclusion of Witch's Night Out. Oh, how my brother and I would wax nostalgic about this special! And yet neither of us could really remember much about it (save the theme song) and we never, ever met anyone else who could even corroborate that this show existed. Did we co-dream it? Did one of us just make it up, and the other believed them? No! It really happened! It was real! And it starred Gilda Radner and Catherine O'Hara! So not only did we remember it, it also had awesome casting!

So thank you, Adam Selzer. Clearly my childhood wasn't quite as messed up as I thought it might have been.

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StevenMcFlyJr ( said...

Hey, I got plenty of other ones if you want to relive as well. :-)

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