Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Okay, I know the magic number is 270, but still, I'm pretty chuffed for y'all down there.

We're watching election coverage on CBC Newsworld. I don't know where else to watch it. CNN is too freaking loud - all those people, they just keep yelling! Really, people? Calm the fuck down. So CBC it is, and it's pretty good. I did notice something funny though - if you look at the tiny little photo of McCain at the bottom of the screen and then look up at Peter Mansbridge? I don't know, man. The similarities are way too close, or is it just me? Or maybe it's just the wine? Whatever. All I know is that you never see them together...hmmm....

Anyway, rock on USA. I've always been a fan, but tonight I feel like "Ich bin ein Amerikaner" or something. And seriously, the whole record number voter turnout thing? Fucking yes. Hi, Canadian people? Yeah, we should totally take a page out of that book after our seriously shitty voter turnout last month.

Oh and by the way, is anyone else enjoying Ian Hanomansing's commentary and interviews as much as I am? Can I get a witness? Awww yeah.


Librarian Girl said...

Yay! Thanks! (And I always thought Canadians kicked our butts in terms of voter turnout- what happened this time??)

e-Lizabeth said...

Canada has had some seriously craptastic voter turnout the past several years. Partly because we are kind of "electioned out" - since we don't have a set 4 year term or anything, the government can call one when they think they need to, which in this case was just two years ago. So this often means hello, apathy.

Congrats to all of you though, for rocking the house Obama-style! These are good years ahead.

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