Friday, September 05, 2008

off 2 MI

So I'm taking a little trip this weekend, off to visit my friend in Michigan. It's approximately 5 hours in the car (not counting border wait times) with just me and my thoughts, so let's hope the blogging gods are good to me, k? I'm sure I'll come back with somethang to tell y'all about, not to mention some photographic evidence of my time not only in smalltown MI where my friend lives, but also in large city MI, where we'll be getting our eating and shopping on. Plus, I will be going through - or around, maybe? - Flint, so I'll get to say to no one in particular "hey, that's where Librarian Girl is from!" Coolness.

Also, can I just say that my husband got called a propellerhead at work yesterday. And he took it as a compliment. Dude is weird. Probably why we get along so well.

Happy weekend, blogfriends.


vivian said...

Hope you have a great time in MI! Nothing like a good road trip.

I am so buying John a beanie for Christmas! Or maybe I can knit one for him! LOL

Librarian Girl said...

OMG! Hug Flint!

So nonsensically excited for you!

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