Friday, September 26, 2008

behold... pathetic attempt to photodocument my trip to Michigan:

Here we have the selection of hot sauces at a very excellent and rather authentic Mexican restaurant in Greenville. And yes, I used them all during the course of my tasty meal. And yes, they were all pretty damned hot. But good. But I have to say that the green one? Just not a colour you see in nature. Kind of teal, actually. Weird. Tasty-weird. I am a sucker for hot sauces, so hence my documentation. What you can't actually see in this photo is the margarita the SIZE OF MY HEAD that I demolished in seconds flat, after which my wonderful friend had to put up with my ramblings. Oh those Canadians.

Next is the souvenir-gift I brought home for the boys - it's cheese! In a spray can! For real! Okay, I'm not such an idiot that I didn't know this stuff existed, it's just that it's unavailable where I live, and really, what could be a better gift to bestow upon two boys than cheese that you can apply directly into your mouth? 2 for $5 at Meijer. Now, I call that a bargain. Beats the hell out of any t-shirt or souvenir mug I could have brought, non? I do believe the words "you are the best mother EVER" accompanied the bestowing. I do what I have to, people.

Last but not least is my absolute favourite - FAVOURITE - road sign. Ever. I have seen this a bunch of times, driving along the I-69, and while I know it's coming up, I tend to forget until it's too late and I'm past it going "shit, I wanted to take a pictuuuuuure!! For my blogpeeps!! Damn." But this time? Oh this time, friends. I documented. And really, isn't it cool? And some seriously good advice, you have to admit.

Now, lest you think my trip to the Great Lakes Great Times state was all about cheese and sauce and prison hitchhikers, let me just say what a positively excellent time I had. We had fantastic weather and we did a lot of sightseeing. I should have taken more photos, but such is the case when you're just having too much fun, you get lost in the moment, and then a photo seems kind of cheesy. Which is ok if the photo is cheese (see above). But otherwise, it's just not right. At one point, and I can't remember where, we did drive past a church that had a sign inviting us to visit God's Love Closet. I'm pretty sure that's what it said, anyway. Did I mention the margarita? I really wanted a picture of that, because seriously, what does that even mean? I can think of a few things. But standing on church property and taking a photo of a sign, just for giggles? Well, even I have some standards.

Living where I do, in between two Great Lakes (Erie and Ontario for those of you not in the know), I always feel so comfortable knowing there is a lake close by. Does that seem strange? It probably should. And not just any lake but a great lake. Not like little lakes you can see across - those are ok, but they're just not great. But just my friend saying "so if we drove down that way" and pointing toward a large highway "we would get to Lake Michigan". And my great lake groupie self wanted to say "yes! Let's drive to the great lake!" It's like when she and I went to Cleveland and we were on the shore and I was thinking "man, this is my lake, where my cottage is, but I'm on the other side!" Comforting. Totally bizarre, I'm sure. But comforting to me, nonetheless.

So thanks, Carly, for a loverly time in your awesome state, and your pretty hometown. You Michigan types know how to show a girl a good time.


vivian said...

Glad you had a good time.

That highway sign rocks! I hope you didn't stop and get out of the car to take the picture. That would have been dangerous.

Oh, and the cheese in the can. That's just wrong. I actually feel ill just thinking about it.

e-Lizabeth said...

haha - no, I took it through the windscreen. But it's really only dangerous if the dudes in orange are thumbing rides. Now a photo of THAT would be. Awesome.

Librarian Girl said...


That makes me homesick. Which is weird.

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