Friday, August 15, 2008

80s religion

So we were in Niagara Falls yesterday, checking out the scene. Basically? It's the same as ever, just in case you were wondering. The Falls, they are shifting, but really not like you'd notice. Water still flows nonstop over the edge, into the gorge below. People get soaked in a boat called the Maid of the Mist. Once in awhile, some asshat decides to go over the edge. It's all good in the Falls, yo. And you can probably get a t-shirt or a giant pencil that says so.

Anyway, so we were there yesterday for the second time with the boys. The first time, they just weren't interested. It's weird, because you think "man, this is crazy!" and then you're there with a 5- and 3-year old and they're all "seriously? it's water. can we have ice cream?". And then, a few years later, they are completely blown away by the awesomeness that is the Falls. So that part was cool, because their reactions were stellar.: "The water? Look! It just keeps coming!" "Whoa, look at the mist! We're soaked! Is this for real??" You get the idea.

So of course we went to the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch, which was cool and ridiculously overpriced but whatever, they have Bo Diddley's guitar, people. And they have Hard Rock TV playing throughout, in case you've never been to a HRC. So it's the whole experience, no matter that it costs you $90 for lunch. And one of the videos that was playing was this. And then that got me thinking of this, Cos you know, it's got the whole "church" reference. And then, that actually led to this, because, you know, same title and all. And then? Well, then it led to more Alphaville, as it does. And then I started thinking. That was pretty much all the churching I got in the 80s. Uh huh. Guess that explains it all. Yes it does.


vivian said...

wow! Sometimes I kind of miss the '80's. But only sometimes. Thanks for the flashback. I think I'll crimp my hair now.

e-Lizabeth said...

seriously though, I could totally have Alphaville come back and be ok with that. I think I could.

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