Thursday, July 31, 2008

she bangs

Whoa nelly, has it been hot out there, or is it just me? Damn. Now don't get me wrong, this is not complaining, oh no no NO. The heat, she and I are friends. I'm just saying man, wow. Hi, summer? Freaking LOVE you! What I don't actually love are my hometown peeps who be walking around practically nekkid. Good people of Hamilton, please! Put some clothes on! Do y'all have this in your town? The guy in the grey workshirt who wears it completely unbuttoned, with the fish belly white beer gut just a-hangin' out? Or hell, why not just take it all off, fish belly man! That's the way! Oy. Remember Gwen Jacob being charged with indecency for being topless on the streets of Guelph, which sparked the fight for the right for women to go topless in Ontario, should they want to? (it's true, by the way, we can totally do that here). What we now need is the anti-Gwen-for-men - which even sounds awesome - because man, some dudes really just need to keep their shirts on, is all I'm saying.

ANYway, so it's hot and sticky and really, what better way to celebrate this weather than by getting a haircut, which is what I did this evening. Nothing like little bits of hair stuck to you on the bus ride home. Mmm mmm! I really do love getting my hair cut though, and my hair stylist, friend, and owner of the salon where I go, is second to none. She rocks. And the appointment started out just great - chit-chat while I got in the chair, swoop on the cape, brush out the hair and then the usual question from her: "So...what are you thinking?" And then I said those three little words that carry so much weight, that can make or break a deal, and really shouldn't be said lightly: "I'm thinking bangs!" Whoa. Did that really come out of my mouth?? And it's true, I had been thinking bangs. For awhile. But I still wasn't sure, and then I said that. And she said: "Okay, cool." And that's how it started.

And really, is anything more debated and more discussed about women's hair than bangs? To bang or not to bang. I'm getting bangs. I'm growing mine out. Bangs suit you. I don't have enough forehead for bangs, but they totally look great on you. No, they're not too short. I need to have my bangs trimmed. It goes on, doesn't it? You know it does.

I'm no stranger to bangs, I've rocked them before without issue. Just regular bangs, though NOT gigantic 80s bangs. Remember those? Half a can of French Formula just to get those suckers to stay in place? Most of my highschool classmates were flammable beyond belief. Seriously, I can't believe we were ever allowed to use bunsen burners in the 80s.

Anyway, I had bangs all through highschool, but they were short and neat and stayed on my forehead. In grade nine, shoulder length hair. And bangs. In grade 10, unfortunate perm. And bangs. In grade 11 & 12, the classic bob. With bangs. In grade 13, shoulder length hair. With bangs. All through uni - bangs. In adulthood I've been back and forth with bangs, but usually with shortish hair. Now, though, my hair is long, people. Well, ok long-ish. As in to my shoulers. So, bangs? Really? Can I pull that off a la Bettie Page? Kim said I could. So then she cut them.

Now I have to wear them, and I have to admit, they're cute. Charles tells me "You look 5 years younger!" Wow, 5 whole years! Although he's 10, so that's half his life, so that's a big deal. Translated into mom years, maybe he means I look 20 years younger. Which would almost, but not quite, take me back to highschool. So maybe it's time for bangs again. Circle of life - er - bangs. Maybe it's time to even bust out the Howard Jones records again. (possibly the best bangs on a guy ever). And in case you need it, you can still get French Formula. Ooh-la-la.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

an open letter to matt galloway of "here and now"

Dear Matt,

I try to like your show, I really, really do. For the most part, I think it's good - you often have interesting guests, and you usually play very good music as well. Sure, the topics are a little Toronto-centric, but hey, it's a Toronto show, so that does make sense. I can even tolerate your "devil's advocate" style of interviewing, because I understand that this can be a great way of getting politicians and other figures to actually answer questions in the 2.5 minutes you typically have with them. And finally, I can usually ignore the pompous tone that so much of your show takes. Again, it's Toronto! I get it!

What I can no longer tolerate, and the reason today is likely the last time I will listen to your show, is your daily invitation for people to "Google" - and not just "Google" subjects or topics, but actual websites. Today, for instance, after speaking with the Ontario Human Rights Commissioner, you asked people who might be interested in finding out more information about the new report dealing with discrimination in housing to "Google ontario human rights commission". Seriously? Aside from your use of Google as a verb (which annoys the hell out of me, but since I appear to be in a tiny minority, I will let that slide) honestly, what's wrong with spelling out the website for people? Now, I understand that chances are if you do type this into Google, you will mostly likely find the website at the top of the list. But this is a government department, so the chances are good. What about other sites? What about people who aren't sure of the spelling of the words that you're speaking over the radio? What if you told your audience to "Google Falun Gong?" Would everyone even know how to spell that?

Google is ubiquitous. I am a fan of Google. Google can help you find good things. But Google is a tool, like any other search engine, and I think you are doing your audience and your guests a disservice by telling them to "Google" everything. If your guest has a website, or their cause or their political party or whatever has a website, I think you owe it to them to spell it out, in order to direct people straight to it. I'm just saying.

And for the record,


Wednesday, July 02, 2008

three reasons i am the luckiest woman in the world

Right there.

This photo was taken on the day of Charles' Grade 5 Celebration. That's right, my firstborn is off to middle school in September. Seriously, how does that even happen? You can't see it in the pic, but the boy was totally rocking a nice new pair of Chuck Taylors. Too cool for school? Hells yeah, that's my boy.

So, school's out baby, and we are in full-on summer mode around these parts, complete with a trip to the cottage (and the promise of more cottage in the near future), kickass Canada Day fireworks last night, some outdoor concerts coming up and a whole hella lot more. Hope y'all are feeling the summer vibe too, doing what you love to do best.

In other news, can I just say I was pretty damned pleased to see Dr. Henry Morgentaler appointed to the Order of Canada? Can I? I guess I just did. I've linked to the CBC article for your convenience, and there's some more stuff there about the Dr. M., for those of you unfamiliar with the man. Just be aware that the article includes quotes from a representative of the Campaign Life Coalition, which may cause pro-choicers to bang their heads against keyboards and poke their eyes out with sharp sticks. Or maybe that's just me?

Happy summer, blogfriends. Let's tear it up!
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