Sunday, May 25, 2008


Okay, people. I am beyond exhausted. Is there another word for that? For something beyond exhausted? I don't know, and I'm too tired to look it up. Here's what went down to create such tiredness of biblical proportion:

Thursday night's karate class, in which we threw ourselves (voluntarily, I might add) down to the ground in a punishment known as a breakfall - back, left side, and right side. The throw down isn't the hard part, it's really the springing back up in order to do it again that gets you. In the quads, mostly, but also in other muscle groups that up until now, had remained hidden to me. So yeah, the throwing down, the springing up, the throwing down and springing up - about 75 times. For real. And yes, I often do question why it is I pay someone to have me do this. I'm an enigma.

Yesterday's kickboxing class where all of the previously hidden muscle groups were brought out, stomped upon and then twisted up some more, causing me to have difficulty holding a water bottle, and going up and down stairs. We have a 3-level house. See above comment about paying.

The gardening that I so bravely attempted today, even though I've been feeling like roadkill. I managed to (with the help of my mother) take down most of a tree, expand an already large-ish flower bed, topsoil said flower bed, de-weed the driveway and environ, dig and install a border dividing our front lawn basically in half in preparation for grass elimination and mulch spreading. Topping up yet another flower bed with topsoil and then cleaning up from the day's activities.


I did, however, want to come on here in order to congratulate ML for her winning entry for the Conrad Black contest. About freaking time, I know. And I apologize. But! The prison nickname that cracked my shit up completely was "Black Velvet, if you please". Because, come on! That is serious Canadian Content right there! An Alannah Myles reference, in relation to Connie? Give it up people! It also conjures up some awesomely awful images of Con in jail, that I am going to leave you to ponder on your own, as per my dedication to classiness in this here blog.

So the moment you've all been waiting for.... ML wins this fabulous prize:

That's right! It's a set of ironic magnets! Clever! Anyway ML, this will be on its way to you shortly. (actually I'll probably just bring it to your house next weekend)

I would also like to offer a congratulations to our runner up kibi for the entry Conrad, the Rad-con - because that is also quite excellent, and a very awesome play on word. And kibi joined the game all the way from Israel, and considering I had no idea this was an intercontinental blog, I'm tickled. Seriously.

So thanks for playing along. I will be back with another timely contest at a later date. Right now though? If I can summon the strength, there is a bottle of pinot grigio with my name on it.


Mary Lynn said...

Oooooh! I am seriously excited about those magnets. Gonna be happily humming Alannah Myles all evening long.

Hope the muscles stop aching soon. Youch, that sounds like it was a crazy weekend.

See you soon!

e-Lizabeth said...

Can one happily hum Alannah Myles?? ;)

See you Saturday!

Mary Lynn said...

BTW, the magnets arrived late last week. Love them! I'm thinking of bringing the "They Lied! Hard work has killed plenty of people!" magnet to work and putting it up in my cubicle. ;-) My manager has a good sense of humour.

Anonymous said...


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