Wednesday, March 05, 2008

e-L's first evah contest!

I'm excited! Are you excited? Well maybe if I tell you what's up you will be!

Okay, so it's time to shake up this ol' blog o' mine, and I've decided to run a contest. I have my reasons. If this flies - and I'm counting on you, people - this will be the first of many. Or at least some. Or until I get tired of it.

Anyway, this will be a legit contest, with the winner actually receiving a prize of my choosing. Oh and you know it will be something fabulous! Or at least something I can send through the post without worrying about sniffer dogs.

I know, I know "e-L, get on with it! fill us in for the love of all that is holy!"


Okay, so to enter this first evah contest, I need you to submit (in the comments) your top pick for Conrad Black's prison name. That's right people Lord Black of yadda yadda is in the big house, and I want to know what you think he's gonna be known as until he's sprung.

Here's my top 3 to get you started:

1. Barbara's bad boy
2. Con-stant craving
3. Bernice

Lame-o, right? I know y'all can do better, people! I can feel it! So come on, give it some thought! Best nickname (judged by me, cos it's my damn blog) wins a prize! I'm sorry I can't be more specific than that at this time, but there is real shizz on the line and pride is at stake - I guess? Whatev.

Fun, no? All right - have it it, lads! Hollaaaaa-inger! (sorry, I totally stole that from the debators last night - cracked me up)


Mary Lynn said...

1. Conradical Black
2. The BarbiCon (fyi, the Barbican is a Theatre in Conrad's beloved England)
3. Black Velvet, if you please

e-Lizabeth said...

ooooh nice! So you're in the lead so far... ;)

Mary Lynn said...

Got about Bab's Busted Bunny (a play on Babs & Buster Bunny of Tiny Toon Adventures' fame).

Come on, people! I need some competition here. It's fun to make fun of Lord Black...join in!

Kibi said...

Surely he'll just be Conrad, the Rad-con

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