Wednesday, March 19, 2008

can we talk?

Seriously, can we?

Can we talk about Heather Mills? And how she is absolutely and completely crazy - nay - batshit? Who pours water on a lawyer's head??? In court??? Maybe they need to go back to wearing wigs? Oy.

Can we talk about how China is seriously not doing much to prove to me (or anyone, really) that they deserve to host the fucking Olympic games?

Or what about Canada recognizing Kosovo, you know, cos all the cool kids are doing it? Can we talk about that?

Can we talk about the amount of handwringing there appears to be about the prequel to Anne of Green Gables, "Before Green Gables"? And now there's a prequel movie coming out too, which no doubt will be a stressor for these same people? (aside: I don't know man, I think it's kind of a cool way to celebrate the 100th anniversary. But then, I was never an Anne-aholic, really. I liked the first book, but never got into the rest. I was more of an Emily of New Moon girl.)

Can we talk about smokers? Like, how they think that throwing their butt on the ground is a good idea? And that this somehow isn't littering? Do you know how many times I've had to dodge a butt at the bus stop this week? Too fucking many, that's how many.

Can we also talk about how, apparently, I am the mayor of Crabbyville, and if the sun doesn't start to shine immediately, I am going to have to open a vein? For real, people. I will cut.



Mary Lynn said...

Oh, the cigarettes drive me nutty. traffic...when I see someone throw a butt out their takes all I have in me to keep from whamming the side of my car into the side of theirs.

The Olympics thing is making me a bit nuts too. I'm actually pretty pissed at the Olympic committee. Did they really think stuff like this wasn't going to happen?!?

vivian said...

I'll be right over. With gin.

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