Tuesday, February 26, 2008

sometimes wondering what planet they might be from

Scene: our kitchen, dinner time.

Characters: me (the mother), Charles (son #1) and Max (son #2)


Charles: so, what's for supper
me: pizza
Charles: seriously? pizza? awesome! wait - homemade or delivery?
me: um - homemade
Charles: AWESOME! WOO!
me: really? you like my homemade pizza better than delivery?
Charles: duh - yeah! homemade pizza is WAY better than factory-produced pizza
me: uh - ok - cool
Max: pizza for supper - awesome! wait - is that - um - spinach on the pizza??
me: um - yes. is that ok?
Max: YES YES YES THAT'S AWESOME!!!! *yelling* Charles, there's spinach on the pizza!!!!
Charles: YES!!!!
me: you little dudes are whacked. but I love ya.

Charles tells me later that everyone knows that factory pizza (he might be confusing it with factory farms, but whatev, we're going with it) has too much fat and grease, and that homemade pizza is made without so much fat and grease....and with love.



Mary Lynn said...

That's hilarious. Your boys rock. I still can't get over Charles eating all that sushi and the spicy seafood soup at our place. We were most impressed.

Librarian Girl said...

What smarty kids you have!! Love that story.

vivian said...


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