Saturday, November 24, 2007

lunch date

We went out today and had a really nice lunch. Lovely conversation, lots of laughs and discussion. We ate sushi, edamame, miso soup, salad and drank green tea. We both managed to use the chopsticks without too much difficulty, which was great. We lingered over green tea and chatted some more. Oh and did I mention? My companion for lunch was Charles.

So when exactly did it happen that I could take my son out for such a sophisticated meal? It was actually his choice, and it was awesome. It's hard to believe a month today he will turn 10. And harder to believe how quickly those years have flown, which scares me, because the next 10 are likely to go even faster.

So here's to many more lunches. Maybe one day the boy will even pick up the tab.


vivian said...

One day, when the boy is a world famous rock and roll star, he will shower you with all the worldly stuff you can imagine. And you will deserve it all for being such an awesome mom.

For now, savour every, precious, soy-dipped moment.

e-Lizabeth said...

Hee - thanks, babe. He's a pretty awesome kid, I have to admit. :)

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