Saturday, November 10, 2007

for your listening pleasure

One of the things I enjoy about the CBC is that the annual Massey Lectures are always available online. I know I've blogged about Massey before (and wow, was that really two years ago? I bet I have a blogversary coming up some time soon) because they're always so impressive. Well now, select "Lost Massey Lectures" are now available as podcasts here so you can listen to Martin Luther King Jr's 1967 lecture, or Jane Jacobs' lecture from 1979. How awesome is that?

There is also a book of these lectures from Anansi Press (one of my absolute favourite publishing houses. And really, do normal people have favourite publishing houses? or is that strictly a thang with those of us in the library profession? Hmmm...)

So from me to you, 5 podcasts from great thinkers and a fantastic new book. (and I promise to try harder to eliminate the stream of consciousness parentheses for my next post. Really.)


vivian said...

I've had the "Lost Massey Lectures" on my iPod for a few weeks now. Just waiting for the perfect time to listen to them. It will probably involve a raindy day, some knitting and a pot of tea. Love the Massey Lectures!

e-Lizabeth said...

Yeah, you definitely need time to listen - so much information, not exactly a bus ride's worth. I'm really excited to get them on my iPod too!

vivian said...

You should also download CBC's Editor's Choice podcast. The 2006 Massey Lecture by medical ethicist Margaret Somerville is available there.

Aaron said...

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