Wednesday, November 14, 2007

almost at the half-way point!

And yeah. I got nothing.

So here's what I did this evening:

  • made a shepherd's pie for tomorrow's dinner - just need to pop it in the oven! (wow, who am I? when have I ever said "pop it in the oven"? I think I'm channelling a 1970s era Easy Bake Oven commercial or something)
  • made a big pot of killah chili - for another meal this week or weekend
  • stood in awe of myself for that much food preparation

Every once in awhile I get these sort of attacks of domesticity - last week I even made banana muffins. For reals, dudes. My kids don't know who I am when this happens. It kind of scares them, yet they do enjoy a good muffin, so they say very little, lest this kind baking stranger goes away forever.

Oh and last bullet:

  • went and kicked some serious ass at karate

Ah, that's more like it.


vivian said...

yo' Martha! slow down!

Islertlcg said...

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