Friday, September 21, 2007

and here i thought it was just me

I read library blogs. And I read librarian blogs. And this week, there's been a lot of excitement over this.

Wooeeee! Lots of people excited 'bout that ad campaign! And so picture me, mouth agape, thinking - come on! Who honestly thinks this is a good idea?? It boggles my mind. So librarians have been touting it as a "wow, they really know their customers!" sort of deal, and I really just have to shake my head.

I guess I thought the public library was supposed to be a place that appealed to everyone, not just truckers and misogynists, or misogynistic truckers? I'm sorry, Wyoming, but this is just sad.

You can read the Annoyed Librarian's take on this too. Go give her some love.


vivian said...

You have got to be kidding! Is this for real?

Carly said...

This is really too much for the mind LOL.

Have a great weekend dear grrl!

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