Tuesday, August 21, 2007

they be jammin'

I know I promised you a unicorn chaser, but truth be known, I'm really not much of a unicorn girl. So, instead, please enjoy the awesomeness of this video. One kid, totally rocking with his bass, and the other? Well you just gotta watch.

And if you don't at least crack a smile, check for a pulse.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

i can totally do without the following:

I have a high tolerance for television advertising, but there are a few that have got under my skin and are starting to fester. Bear with me...

Bell's Frank & Gordon the spokesbeavers.
Okay, so these guys used to (at first) kinda make me laugh. Haha - it's Canada! And it's Bell, a totally Canadian company! And they're spokesbeavers - get it?? So funny! But now? They totally need to be made into hats.

Same goes for PC and Mac. At first I was all over it - very funny and original concept for sure. But it's done, people. And ok, I know there are lots of y'all who are feisty either one way or the other, and truly, I don't care. I own a PC but I think Mac is pretty cool. But the passive-aggressive foreplay that passes for "banter"? Totally getting on my nerves. Those two guys need to get a room. Seriously, if they're not going to get it on, they need to start beating each other with big sticks. And don't email me to tell me who'd win, because I don't care. I just need to see a big ol' PC vs. Mac smackdown. That's entertainment.

Oh and the Rogers commercial with the dude who gets all misty-eyed at the guy whose cell phone doesn't break up in the elevator? Kind of funny - at first. Then? Then, they had to do the same freaking thing but with an ESCALATOR this time? Wow! How original.

The Jetta commercial where the dudes in lab coats come in and save the people from baseballs through the window and toolboxes falling out of windows? Kind of freaks me out, really. I'm not sure why, but maybe it's because the guys all look like they're from Kraftwerk. Kraftwerk to the rescue? Now, normally I would think that was pretty cool - so maybe if they were playing Trans Europe Express throughout, I don't know - but I'm tired of it already.

Those "Life Takes Visa" commercials where all the beautiful people tap their Visa cards and buy their lattes and highbrow newspapers - and then the average dude in the plaid shirt tries to buy a doughnut with cash and they all treat him like a leper. Wrong on so many levels. First, should we really be encouraging our already debt-enslaved culture to start buying their morning paper with Visa? Also, did you notice the class distinction between the Visa users and cash dude? To me, the message is if you don't use a Visa card you're not one of us, you're trash. Thanks, Visa.

So there you have it. My Crabby McCrabster post to reenter blogging after over a month's hiatus. Sue me. I was sick for my whole vacation, and I'm still not over it.

Next post will be a unicorn chaser. Promise.
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