Saturday, June 16, 2007

what the?

So what happened to me? Dy'all even remember me? Didn't I totally rock NaBloPoMo back in the day? (what was that, like March?) And now? Now I can barely post twice a month. I guess it's just life. And stuff. And summer. I'm digging the heat and being out of doors and all that, so the blogging is suffering. Also, the weeks just seem to be flying by, as they usually do when the weather is nice, and when I look back at my last post of June 3rd, I thought "ah, ok well it's only a few days ago..." See that? That's the sort of thing that happens as you get older.... Tempus fugit. Happy days though, blogfriends, happy days.

So tonight I'm on my own, the boys having gone off to a karate demonstration and exhibition known as "Fight Night". Cool. So what am I doing? Well, blogging....drinking wine....and making Max a mixed CD cos he asked me to. And his list of songs was pretty specific, I'll have you know. He's got some eclectic tastes that boy does. Here's a sample:

Heaven and Hell - The Who
Life is a Highway - Tom Cochrane
The Boxer - Simon & Garfunkel
Tell Me Baby - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Welcome to Paradise - Green Day

Yeah to alla that. Oh and also a couple of tunes from Happy Feet thrown on there, cos you know, he's 6. And he's the rockingest 6-year old that EVAH rocked.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

does anyone else do this?

Yesterday I left the sticky-stick of the heat of the Hammer and off I went to the Arcticly-cold mall in search of sandals. I had a gift card since my birthday and it was burning the proverbial hole, so it had to be done. Also, I need sandals. So once I had my sandals, naturally, I started looking for, you know, other stuff to buy.

I ended up shopping for sunglasses, not because I don't own any, but because I am so over the ones I do own. So I hit a variety of shops, looking for the perfect pair. All the glasses this season, as I'm sure y'all know, are BIG. As in Jackie O big. As in my mother circa 1973 big. Which is cool, except that e-L does not own the type of face designed for the big sunglasses. Really. Everyone I see is rocking the giant frames but for some reason, when I put them on, my whole face gets swallowed. And for those of you who know me, you know I'm not some delicately-featured waif who normally gets swallowed up by anything. So I'm not sure what the deal is, I just know the biguns just don't suit.

Finally though, I did find a few pairs that were big but not too and that actually looked pretty cool, so I proceeded to try them on in a comparison shopping sort of way. But. And here's where - according to the people around me, anyway - it gets a bit weird. So I have my 6 or 8 pairs which I need to compare and pretty quickly I narrow it down to about 4. Now I'm not the only person trying on glasses, there's a few of us scattered around and we're all checking the teeeeeny little sunglasses-trying-on-mirrors attempting to choose the best pair. So I'm putting them on my nose, having a good look in the mirror and then, taking them off my nose and placing them on my head. Is this so weird? I don't know - all I know is, for me, the look of the glasses on my head is almost as important as the look on my face. So I continue the pattern - glasses - face - glasses - head. And I'm getting looks. And then, not just looks, but actual people-moving-away-to-use-other-mirrors. And then I start thinking, maybe no one else tries sunglasses on their head. So I try to check out the people around me, and it's just all about the face. Hmmm....

So help me out, is this so strange? Do any of you, my fabulous blogfriends, do the face-head sunglasses thing? Does anyone else care about the look and feel of their sunglasses on their head? And if you were trying sunglasses on in my vicinity and I was putting them on my head, would you find another mirror? What happened to tolerance in my city, can't we all, as fans of sunglasses, just get along? I'm just saying.
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