Monday, May 07, 2007

scary canadian spy coins and other stuff that's on my mind

This totally made my day. I now pledge to give out random poppy quarters next time I go anywhere just, you know, to see if they actually work like they're supposed to.

So John was in Atlanta the week before last doing some crazy-ass IT guy schmoozing and stuff that I'll never ever get to do in my chosen career. Nope the library conferences that I get to don't seem to ever include giant lobster dinners with bottomless glasses of expensive wine, nor do they ever have private John Mayer gigs either (not lying to you people, he was there). No, our worlds are very very different when it comes to that sort of thing. And one of the biggest differences? It's all in the swag. John brought home a metric tonne of swag - and not crap swag either - we're talking jump drives and toolkits, and other fancy schmancy stuff. Sure there were some less exciting things - like the proverbial t-shirts and pens and stuff, but when he dumped it all out of his suitcase? It covered the whole bed. Nice.

Now at the library conferences you do get swag, but it tends to be in the post-it note/pen/lanyard realm - nary a jump drive to be seen. Or maybe I'm just hanging out at the wrong booths. At any rate, what I was astounded to see was that John didn't bring home one single lanyard. Lanyards were all the rage at OLA a couple of years ago, oh my I probably brought home a dozen courtesy of Brodart and Oxford University Press and you name the library supply place, they lanyarded me. I really thought the library peeps had the upper hand on the lanyard - people were sporting them (as best you can sport a lanyard) - 2, 3, 4 at a time! Craziness! My colleagues at the academic library where I worked at the time were all over the lanyard. I personally can't stand wearing lanyards and I go to extremes to avoid them, and I really thought it was just a library thang...until I started working in healthcare.

Now at the hospital and the cancer centre? Healthcare people are all about the lanyard, and not only do they wear them (for their ID badge) they pimp their lanyard!! You see people with pins and buttons on their lanyard. Stickers are not uncommon, and some even have jewellery - beads, and even keychains hanging from them! It's bauble city! And not just a couple of items, but literally dozens of things pinned on and hanging there! I tell you it's weird - and distracting too when you're trying to talk to someone and their chest is glinting at you and you have to keep shielding your eyes from the lanyard bling.

So my point? Just putting it out there for y'all. And ensuring you that e-L has no plans to go the tricked out lanyard route. My ID badge? Clipped tidily to the bottom of my shirt. I've got enough problems worrying about the chain for my glasses that is practically imminent. Oy.

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vivian said...

Wow! Sounds like your workplace is the sight of the latest reality tv show, "Pimp My Lanyard!"

I'm off to plant some poppy quarters on unsuspecting Americans. LOL!

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