Friday, March 09, 2007

things that confused me today

1. the dude that was picketing outside the cancer centre this morning with the big-ass sign that read "Justice for the Unborn". Um....guy? Yeah, I know....someone should have told him.

2. Gary Sinise is appearing at the Fallsview Casino. In a band. I know.

3. Okay this wasn't confusing, it was just awesome. So I had to list it.

Oh and more awesomeness? My kids are, right now, watching Roger Ramjet: Hero of Our Nation. Does Friday night get any better?

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vivian said...

I used to be a big fan of Gary Sinise. But CSI NY sucks. Now this? Gary, what where you thinking?

As for Roger Ramjet, sadly, I missed out. Growing up in the prairies with only 3 channels (one of them in French) my TV viewing was limited. Do you think Charles and Max will let me watch with them?

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