Tuesday, March 20, 2007

just one more reason to love Chicago

Oh there really are too many to count, aren't there? I love Chicago, it's my favourite of the large American cities. Okay, so I haven't been to all that many large American cities, and I've only been to Chicago once, but I would absolutely love to go back. But now - NOW - lookie what's going on there! It's just too good. Lucky Chicago people! You can get all the latest on Lord and Lady Black! Seriously, if I had the dough I would get myself down there to watch the festivities. Oh, and Barbara Amiel going apeshit on the reporters?? Dude, that is like Christmas all over again!

So last Thursday John and I went out for dinner. Alone, the two of us. To a nice restaurant. Not a place where you a) order through a speaker or b) get placemats that you can colour or even c) where there is a never-ending request from the boys for coins for video games. Wow it was nice and it reminded me of all those years ago when the nice place was the norm, and the other places were places where other people got to go with their kids. Ewwww.

Anyway, we had a lovely time and the restaurant soundtrack was awesome. It was this loungy kind of bossa nova beat, which was cool in itself...but then I started to figure out the lyrics and damned if it wasn't new wave and punk songs from the 80s set to a smooth latin-y kind of beat, with breathy female vocalists! We asked our server if he knew what was playing and he got all excited that we recognized the songs and then we all started with the "name that tune" every time a new song started to play. I won. I have a talent (curse?) for being able to name the cheesiest muzak tunes - not that this stuff was cheesy, it was awesome - but you know what I mean. Sometimes that shit is unrecognizable, right? Like in elevators or sushi restaurants (not sure why the sushi restaurants all seem to rock the cheesy muzak).

So if you're intrigued, the band is Nouvelle Vague. Because you know there is just nothing like a bossa nova version of the Dead Kennedys "Too Drunk to Fuck". Nice.


vivian said...

You've got to love Conrad & Barabara! A couple of loose canons with the largest vocabulary on earth. Thoroughly entertaining! Makes the O.J. Simpson trial look like an episode of Judge Judy.

I believe a roadtrip to Chicago is in order! Have gone there every December for 6 years for a conference, I am dying to visit in the spring or summer. Girls weekend anyone?

You should check out a podcast called Coverville at coverville.com. The host, Brian Ibott, has an incredible knowledge of music and finds some incredible covers. Some clever, some funny, some brilliant and some, just plain awful. It's a great show.

vivian said...

I forgot to mention that I also love Chicago, the band. But only B.P.C. That's Before Peter Cetera.

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