Sunday, January 07, 2007

pillow talk

My apologies to those of you who were thinking, given the title of this post, that I was about to embark on a review and discussion of the Doris Day/Rock Hudson movie. Sadly, today, I am not - but don't ever rule it out, because is that NOT one of the sassiest movies ever made?? It's just so brilliant. Okay, so obviously I do need to talk about that flick...promise.

Anyway, it's actual pillows that I'm talking about today because, well I've invested in a whole whack of new ones. Seriously. It was true Boxing Day Saleing for e-L - taking advantage of the 1/2 price Obus Forme pillows at Sears. This is what my life has been reduced to, yes. But I am at least embracing the reduction...that's gotta count for something.

So new year, new pillows. I've been saying this for a long time (really) but have never actually gone out and followed through, until this year. The pillow/head relationship should be a special one, no? And for me, for a very long time, it was. I had *my* pillows, and would take them everywhere - well, everywhere that I'd be sleeping that is - like I didn't take them to school or anything - that would be weird. But me and the pillows, we were tight. When I got married, the pillows followed. John had his pillow and I had me mine. They didn't match, we didn't go for all that match-match newly-wed boudoir stuff, so our bed looked weird, but hey, we were comfortable and happy.

Then. Came. Pregnancy. And me and the pillows? Well it just didn't work out. The pillows that had cradled my head for lo these many years started just not working. I was uncomfortable as I slept - not the fault of the pillows, you understand - just the result of being a ginormously huge pregnant woman who needed pillows not under her head, but under her back, between her knees and propping up her grossly swollen ankles. So my relationship with my pillows changed. I would do anything just to be comfortable, and sometimes that meant all the pillows and sometimes that meant no pillows. It was a total crapshoot. For nine months.

Then Charles was born, and I no longer used pillows - I was the pillow. For many, many weeks, Charles slept on me while I sat up in bed, on the chesterfield, at the dining room table, wherever Charles needed to sleep. If he wasn't sleeping on me, I was feeding him - but I was still a human pillow, and the only pillow I got to use was the one that I used to hold him while feeding. Once I had him surgically removed from me (for the second time) and he was sleeping in his crib (mostly), I could go back to my bed and my pillows. But honestly? They didn't wait for me. As in, I didn't recognize them anymore, it was like we broke up. I couldn't remember - were they the ones with the soft grey stripes? Or were they the pillows that had a cream-coloured design? Obviously, it was over between us.

So I lived in pillow limbo for many years. Just jumping from pillow to pillow, using whatever was around, whatever I could find. With little kids around? This is not as easy as you might think. Little kids have nosebleeds on pillows, they throw up on pillows and sometimes, well they wet the bed, managing to also wet the pillow.

So for 2007 I have taken charge of the pillow situation, and I have found pillow nirvana in the form of an "extra-firm-designed-especially-for-side-sleepers" Obus Forme pillow-of-happiness. And I will never, ever let it go before its time.

Even if I have to Bedazzle my damned initials on it.

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sari said...

Hi! I found you on the randomizer the other day, but Blogger wouldn't let me post a comment for some reason.

I agree about the pillows, I finally broke down and bought a new one and someone (I don't know if it was my husband or one of my boys) had a bloody nose on it about 2 days later. Oh well.


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