Tuesday, January 23, 2007

chain of fools

Now, most of you faithful readers will know that I had to get glasses about a year and a half ago. It was a little traumatic, finding out that I was going to have to get used to wearing specs all the time. Turns out? I don't. Really, I just need them for driving (blurry = bad when you're behind the wheel) and for using the computer. Otherwise? Headaches ensue. So it's just better to wear them. I don't actually need them for reading or for just regular old walking around, so they're off my nose as much as they're on, most of the day. Now, all of you faithful readers will also know that I got myself a new job just a few weeks ago, and while I love it to pieces, the glasses are becoming a bit of a thing.

When I got my glasses, I was working in the e-Library. There wasn't an awful lot of reference to be done, really. There was some going over to the computer with the student and helping them out, but the majority of the ref was virtual. So, on the computer? Glasses on. Next job was Stelco, and the work was all computer. There was no going to the stacks with people, no real interaction with people at all, really. It was pretty much a full-on glasses on all day kind of job.

But now. Now, here's how it goes down: e-L in her office - at the computer - glasses on. Library user comes in - e-L goes to greet user - glasses off. We chat, maybe browse the shelves a bit, then inevitably, we head to the public access computers where either 1) the glasses stay on the desk in the office, and after about 3 minutes of searching the catalogue, the eye strain headache kicks in or 2) e-L sits down at the computer, then immediately excuses herself to go find her glasses which were left (hopefully) on the desk or in the near vicinity. (library folk, do you see where I'm headed with this?)

What I'm finding is that I never seem to have my glasses when I need them, and while the library isn't super busy just now (having just opened 3 weeks ago) I can foresee a time where I will lose my glasses because I'll be on-ing and off-ing them more frequently than ever. So. While it pains me to say this, I'm thinking it's almost time for....the chain.

Now, the chain isn't so bad is it? I mean it's practical, isn't it? Isn't it better to wear the chain that to lose ones glasses? Sure. Unless you work in a library. Because people, this is truly TRULY the ultimate stereotype of the librarian. It's right up there with the bun and the sensible shoes and this is so why I'm fighting the chain. I know there are some funky ones, but it's still...a chain. Do I have a choice in this matter? I guess I could wear them on my head, but I have visions of them falling in the toilet or in the cafeteria soup. Are there alternatives to the chain? Don't leave me hanging here, blogfriends. I turn to you for guidance.


vivian said...

You would totally rock that chain!

I could knit you something?

e-Lizabeth said...

hmmmmm...something knitted... maybe..lemme get back to you...

vivian said...

I had a better idea. What about a nice leather one with fringe! Very Roger!

sari said...

I'm always afraid of dropping my phone in the toilet.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who worries about that.

PS Make the chain your own! You can do it!

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