Friday, December 08, 2006

where to begin?

A good question. Should I start with "the job"? Or The Who? Or, should I start with the uber-sickness? Hmmm.... Well, since "the job" came first, let's start there...

I got the job! I am finally once again gainfully employed! Or, rather, I will be, come January 2nd. It's a very happy thing, to have a fulltime job, complete with benefits, and sick days and - dare I say it - holidays! I feel very grown up after all these years of working part-time, contract, suck-blood-from-me-and-make-me-happy-to-give-it, jobs. Oh happy day!

Now, next? Well next would have to come the sickness, followed in quick succession by The Who concert. Intrigued? Read on blogfriends...

So Saturday night Max started throwing up. Ah yes, the typical mid-December illness in our home. Usually it's much closer to Christmas, so the fact that it all went down within the first week of the month is pretty great. Except.... Well, except that I got it. Carly arrived on Sunday, the lucky girl, and I greeted her at the airport with the news that I was not planning to eat or drink until such time as I figured the virus had left the building. Really, how nice is it to serve your guest soup and bread and ginger ale, "just in case"? Not very, I agree. But that's what happened.

So all went well with me just feeling mildly yuck - until late Monday afternoon. The plan was to meet other Who fans at a bar in Toronto and then after some pints and revelry, head to the ACC. Always fun to hang with other fans prior to a show, catch up and get pumped for the concert. And I was doing ok - really. Sipping club soda and trying not to look too closely at the burgers and nachos and fries that were being passed around, chatting to my friends. Then it hit and it was downhill from there. Now when you're sick, the last place you want to be sick is in a public place. Particularly in a bar and particularly in this particular bar which is, well, not the classiest establishment in the city. Anyway, I did compose myself, excused myself to get some air and went outside, leaving Carly with my hefty bar tab of approximately $2.85. So Carly joined me and we headed toward the ACC where, upon arrival, she checked out the merch tables and I checked out the proximity of the washrooms to our seats - which was pretty good actually, fortuitous for me - and then I made use of said facilities - twice.

By this time I'm thinking, well I've barely eaten anything since Sunday morning, so hey, maybe this just won't go anywhere, which were famous last words. I did manage to make it through the opening act - The Pretenders, who were freaking awesome - then I left to puke. I came back and made it through the first 3 songs from The Who and had to leave again. And I was never really able to come back until the last 2 songs of the encore.

So what did I do? Well, I managed to befriend a very nice usherman named Norman, who told me he would let me stand in the aisle if I wanted to - a very sweet gesture, because normally they make you go to your seat for fire hazard reasons or something - but he said he'd let me stand (or lean, which was more likely by this time) as long as I liked. So I did that for awhile, but then just couldn't stand anymore so I found myself a chair near one of the concessions and sat down. This is where I spent the rest of the show - in between running to the bathroom - where I'm sure I was an example of what not to do before a concert for parents of teenagers. If only they could know that I wasn't stoned, that I was actually just rocking the norwalk/avian flu/bubonic plague combo platter, they'd have patted my head and told me how sorry they were that I was missing the show. So if any of y'all were there and saw a very pale dark haired girl in a black t-shirt and jeans leaning against a table, please know that no alcohol was involved in my making. And oh, it was so sad; I was so sad, and while I did manage to make it back to my seat to hear Listening to You and Tea and Theatre, it was still so sad to know that an incredible show was unfolding while I was sitting outside.

So the good news? Well yes, there is some. Carly and I managed to make the drive to Grand Rapids the next day to see the show there. We were both well enough to attend (although it was touch and go with Carly until just about an hour beforehand), we were in the 2nd row, it was an amazing show...

...and we all lived happily ever after.

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