Friday, November 24, 2006

why pbs rocks


i) Tonight they showed Singin' in the Rain, which is - without a doubt - my all-time favourite movie. The little tap dancer girl in me fell madly in love with Gene Kelly. I was 8. This was, of course, long before I even knew what being in love was all about, but I did love him deeply. I cried hard when he died, because I always wanted to dance with him, and I never had the chance. I still love him, and I love that movie more than any other.

ii) After Singin' in the Rain, they had an episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus. This was my favourite show when I was about 10. And, it used to come on at 10pm all those years ago. How do I remember this? Well, we had a babysitter who used to let us stay up and watch it while my parents were out. This really helps explain a lot. Really.

iii) Last but not least, there is a PBS special on The Electric Company on Monday night at 9:30pm. Probably the most brilliant show ever made for kids.

So PBS? You totally get my vote.

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