Saturday, November 11, 2006

three things

Three things that totally made my day today - in no particular order:

1) a purple glitter pen
Yeah, I know, but cut me some slack, people. I have two boys. Boys do not have glitter anything, so to find this in our playroom....well, I was just beside myself! It must have come in a loot bag from some party some time, and the kids, having no use for anything glitter, left it alone to die. So it's mine, now, and so very, very lovely. And I pledge to use no other pen from now until it runs dry. Which could be any time, I have no idea how old this thing is.

2) a new conditioner
My hair salon was out of my usual conditioner, which was horrifying. I don't do well with new hair products. Seriously. I'm faithful to my stuff. My stylist recommended a different one, and although I was skeptical, I gave it a shot, and it's just. awesome. The hair is super shinyrrific today, it rivals the glitter pen...but it's not purple. I know. I'm shallow. So sue me.

3) a compliment
So I'm at kickboxing class today, and we're doing open rounds on the bag - just hit, kick and punch it any which way for 2 minutes at a time. It's so fun. Anyway, I'm doing my thing and the girl on the other bag stops mid jab and says "whoa, did you just do a spinning backfist??" And I said "uh, yeah" And she said "that was TOTALLY AWESOME!" Score. My spinning backfist is totally awesome.

I love Saturdays.

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