Sunday, November 26, 2006

she's a roller....a high roller baby, my my...

So yeah, my view from the hotel room last night. You got that right, the 22nd floor, people...and we are talking both the Horseshoe and the American falls here, so give it up!

To the left (ok you can't actually see it here) was the fabulous Fallsview Casino Resort, and it was, indeed, fabulous. Not my cup of tea, really, but still fun to have been there once. I was really more interested in the shopping, as the place apparently has some mighty fine shops. We had dinner at Wolfgang Puck's (check me out, talking like we were hanging with Wolfie) which was lovely, then on to the slots! I'd never been to a casino, so I was jazzed to try my luck. But, uh, $20 in 20 minutes? That is SO not a lot of bang for my Canuck buck. After that it was just boring. But apparently the rest of the population of Ontario? (seriously, I'm sure that's about the number of people in this place) So the place to be.

So, will I go back? Maybe. I mean, it's a cool place for sure. But the opulence and the waste - not to mention the ridiculous amounts of stirrup pants, sweatpants, bus tours and mullets - might make me inclined to think otherwise. It's hard not to think about the amount of money this place is making and maybe what it could be better spent on. Which is poor sentence structure for sure, but you get the drift. I know it brings a lot of tourists to Niagara, but there is just so much about the whole thing that seems so wrong. So, will I be able to handle Vegas? I guess that remains to be seen.

Sometimes it's just not good to let a bleeding-heart liberal out on the town.

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Anonymous said...

OMG stirrup pants!!! I managed to completely block out of my mind that they even exsisted! Glad you survived the bizarre sub-culture that is Niagara Falls.

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