Monday, November 27, 2006

i'm reverting

But it's ok. Tonight I am in total 70s child mode, and it's because of the Electric Company special on PBS. Even the pledge breaks were tolerable, so I must be getting older (really, it's just a good time to pee and get another glass of wine) But oh! That show is even better than I remember. And even John - poor, poor John - who never ever got to see the show, living in a cable-deprived area of northern Ontario as he did - loved it. I firmly believe that the puns and word play that I have enjoyed my whole life have to do with continuously digging that show. Of course my parents are crazyass punners too, so that helped. But so much of what was great about the Electric Company was that it didn't talk down to kids. Kids will always know if you're patronizing them. They did back in the day when I was a little kid and they do today. So the Electric Company was serious funny. Like Sesame Street, but edgier, groovier and more sophisticated in its humour. The EC was a little bit Laugh-In, and a little bit Carol Burnett with some real education thrown in, and no matter who you were, you could not help but be excited by "Silent E" or "Letterman" (no, not David) . And I am, to this day, SO proud to say that my nickname when I was about 7 or so was "Easy Reader". So thank you Rita Moreno, Morgan Freeman, and company. I have never, ever been so enthralled by a childhood memory as I was tonight.

And those EC DVDs?? They are SO on my Christmas list it's not even funny. The next generation needs to see this. What I say.

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