Monday, November 20, 2006

he's the chairman of the bored

Max informed me this evening that school is boring. I was all "wha'??" because up until now he's been the education poster child. Running up the stairs when the bell rings to be the first one to put away his backpack and get to his seat to start working on whatever work/activity was on his desk. Bringing home ridiculously detailed artwork and perfectly formed letters. Performing rousing renditions of whatever song was being worked on in music class. And just, well, just being an all around excellent grade one student. But tonight, for some reason, he was all heavily sighing and eye rolling, and yeah it's all just sooooo last year.

Now, the competitive uber-parent in me surfaces, gets all puffed up and starts to think "well, that's it, he's a genius! He's bored, and that's a sign of geniusness (or geniusisity? apparently he doesn't get this from me...) but anyway, he needs to be tested! We must know the extent of the genius! But then, the cool, funky and overtly laissez-faire parent that I normally am reappears and thinks "let's be rational here, this is a kid who enjoys showing people his bum, and just about falls over laughing at a good fart joke, so let's not get carried least until we get the report card".

So really? I think Max is like the rest of us. He's smart, but occasionally, well, stuff is just boring. He's enthusiastic, but stuff that you normally find fun and interesting? Well, it just sucks. Maybe it's November. And maybe it's because the sun just. never. shines. anymore. But whatever it is, I'm sure he'll pull through. After all, there's Christmas, right? And Christmas as we all know, is all about Transformers and eating. And that my friends, is never boring. Especially for Max.

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