Thursday, November 16, 2006

gay paree

So my mum and I jetted off to Paris today. Flew in to see the newest "maison de Carol et Ian", friends of hers. We had the grand tour, did some shopping, had lunch in a quaint little cafe and then flew home. Well, okay actually we hit the 403 and drove through the fog to Paris, Ontario. We still did all that other stuff, just it's not nearly as cool to do it 20 minutes up the highway.

Paris is a nice little town. It was raining and super foggy, so any lovely town is ugly in the fog, but it was still a nice time. We had lunch with a bunch of blue-hairs from a bus tour, then checked out a few gifty-type shops and then headed for the piece de resistance, the True Value hardware store. Seriously. I am a sucker for hardware stores, particularly small town hardware stores. They have EVERYthing. And the True Values? Well, they're the best. We used to have one down the street and they saved our ass more than once, having crazy shit in stock, and wasn't it just the crazy shit we needed. Awesome.

A few years ago, True Value closed. I was pretty sad, now I have to drive to buy a rake? Birdseed? Paint? Ugh. It remained empty for awhile, and then the next thing we knew, another sign went up - "Welcome to the First Unitarian Church". Now I'm all for freedom of religion, but it seems like a total ripoff to me that my beloved hardware store done got all churched up. I mean really, there are tons of churches around here - you can't go a block without hitting a church or a synagogue. Lots of religious choices in these parts. But kickass hardware stores? None. So for the longest time my bitter self wanted to take a walk into that church and demand door hinges, nails and a bucket. I never did (I'm not a complete heretic) but I do miss that store. Now I've just taken to calling it the Church of True Value.

Which, when you think about it, isn't a bad name for a religious institution.

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