Tuesday, November 28, 2006

a change is gonna come

I've never been closely involved with a company that has undergone a "major restructuring/reworking/revamping", whatever you want to call it. I worked for the government for awhile, but came in after the cuts. I also worked as career information specialist girl at the college for awhile and one of the big parts of my job was to provide info for people who had been affected by cuts, layoffs, etc. It was hard, but the person who did the job before me was the one who had to deal with the really difficult task of helping fellow college employees recover from being cut. Again, I managed to come in after the cuts. And Stelco? Well, let's face it, from the start that position was dodgy. It was a contract at a company that was making huge changes, and while it was disappointing to once again be out of work, I certainly didn't feel the loss that a lot of people did.

So the news from John today really hit hard. Lots of these people? Well, he knew them well. I knew them well...and their wives/husbands, their kids. Some of them we'd been on holiday with. Others we'd see at all the big - and little - company functions. They came to our parties and we went to theirs. It was....well, it was like family. So I'm hurting for these people. For a few I'm sure it's a good thing, something they'd been expecting and in a way maybe even anticipating. A time to take stock and move forward with their lives. For others, it was likely devastating, and they'll have a hard time recovering. I know they'll be well taken care of, both financially and with mid-career job search preparation assistance. But for today, the walk to the car, the drive home to tell their families, that's got to be rough.

And, I so wish I could help.

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