Wednesday, November 15, 2006

career days

So Charles and Max have been talking careers with me. Yes, they're only 8 and 6 respectively, but dudes, they're so thinking long term. And the conversations have gone something like this:

Charles: I'm definitely going to be a karate instructor when I grow up. Oh, and maybe a massage therapist too.

Me: Cool. You can totally kick someone's ass making them work super hard in karate class and then invite them to the massage room where you'll relieve those sore muscles.

Charles: Yep, that's the plan!

Me: Possible conflict of interest, but whatever. Great idea! Max, what about you?

Max: Well, I think I want to have an ice cream shop with lots and lots of different flavours.

Me: That's awesome, I love ice cream, I will definitely go there

Max: Well, for the adults there will also be beer and wine!

Me: Dude, seriously? A licensed ice cream shop? You rock!

Max: Yep!


lara said...

man, these kids are cool! how'd you manage that? :-P

e-Lizabeth said...

heh - honestly? I have no idea. Just luck I guess. Oh, and a steady dose of sarcasm... :)

Anonymous said...

that's it, if I have children, you will be raising them. Charles and Max are the best kids ever!

e-Lizabeth said...

no no, Viv, remember *you* need to raise *my* kids!! :)

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