Thursday, November 30, 2006

through the wringer... kind of how I'm feeling today. Which sucks, because I was all set to go out of NaBloPoMo with a blogging bang. But now? Meh.

Anyway, lots to look forward to in the coming days, so the down in the dumps won't last long. There is a visit from Carly on Sunday! A Who concert on Monday! And another one on Tuesday! And maybe even - dare I say it - a new job!

So hold tight blogpeople, I'll be back, I won't abandon my medium for good. Thanks to all of you who kept up with me this month. It was a bit of a chore, but I'm glad I did it. I do feel a sense of accomplishment, and I'd probably do it again. Just not right away...

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

oh it's always something

So today I had a "second interview". According to some sources, if you're called for the 2nd interview, you have a 50% chance of getting the job. Others say it's about 33% - as in, a 1 in 3 chance. Basically, if you're called back, they probably don't have more than 3 people that they're calling back. So it's a good feeling to get the 2nd interview, and off I went this afternoon. The interview started with me meeting up with one of the women who interviewed me the first time round. She took me to the woman who'd be interviewing me today, and I waited in the hall while she went in to the office of the interviewer. They spoke in hushed tones as I waited in the hallway. For the first minute or two I thought "well, okay, she's giving her the rundown on me, no big." But the hushed tones went on.....and on.....and on....and by now, I'd been in the hallway about 5 minutes. Which to me, is a loooooong time. Because? People kept walking by. And I had to move for them. And they'd look at me. And not really know what to say. So it was a little like being at the principal's office, except that usually at the principal's office there's a bench to sit on. Not that I was ever at the principal's office as a child - I was good - but you get to know what's where in school, right?

Anyway, finally the hushed tones subsided and I was invited in for the interview, by now, shaking in my seriously hot boots. So in I went, and it was awesome. This woman was great, we really clicked and the questions were answerable, and I think I did a good job. And at the end of it all, she wanted to offer me the job. Wanted to....but couldn't. There is a glitch with an internal candidate, so they need to work that out before they can make me an offer.

So really, isn't this just my luck? Like the CBC job where they loved me, had already called my references and were all set to DIAL MY NUMBER but then the funding got cut?

So y'all keep your fingers crossed for some internal candidate squashing. I just don't wanna be a bridesmaid anymore.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

a change is gonna come

I've never been closely involved with a company that has undergone a "major restructuring/reworking/revamping", whatever you want to call it. I worked for the government for awhile, but came in after the cuts. I also worked as career information specialist girl at the college for awhile and one of the big parts of my job was to provide info for people who had been affected by cuts, layoffs, etc. It was hard, but the person who did the job before me was the one who had to deal with the really difficult task of helping fellow college employees recover from being cut. Again, I managed to come in after the cuts. And Stelco? Well, let's face it, from the start that position was dodgy. It was a contract at a company that was making huge changes, and while it was disappointing to once again be out of work, I certainly didn't feel the loss that a lot of people did.

So the news from John today really hit hard. Lots of these people? Well, he knew them well. I knew them well...and their wives/husbands, their kids. Some of them we'd been on holiday with. Others we'd see at all the big - and little - company functions. They came to our parties and we went to theirs. It was....well, it was like family. So I'm hurting for these people. For a few I'm sure it's a good thing, something they'd been expecting and in a way maybe even anticipating. A time to take stock and move forward with their lives. For others, it was likely devastating, and they'll have a hard time recovering. I know they'll be well taken care of, both financially and with mid-career job search preparation assistance. But for today, the walk to the car, the drive home to tell their families, that's got to be rough.

And, I so wish I could help.

Monday, November 27, 2006

i'm reverting

But it's ok. Tonight I am in total 70s child mode, and it's because of the Electric Company special on PBS. Even the pledge breaks were tolerable, so I must be getting older (really, it's just a good time to pee and get another glass of wine) But oh! That show is even better than I remember. And even John - poor, poor John - who never ever got to see the show, living in a cable-deprived area of northern Ontario as he did - loved it. I firmly believe that the puns and word play that I have enjoyed my whole life have to do with continuously digging that show. Of course my parents are crazyass punners too, so that helped. But so much of what was great about the Electric Company was that it didn't talk down to kids. Kids will always know if you're patronizing them. They did back in the day when I was a little kid and they do today. So the Electric Company was serious funny. Like Sesame Street, but edgier, groovier and more sophisticated in its humour. The EC was a little bit Laugh-In, and a little bit Carol Burnett with some real education thrown in, and no matter who you were, you could not help but be excited by "Silent E" or "Letterman" (no, not David) . And I am, to this day, SO proud to say that my nickname when I was about 7 or so was "Easy Reader". So thank you Rita Moreno, Morgan Freeman, and company. I have never, ever been so enthralled by a childhood memory as I was tonight.

And those EC DVDs?? They are SO on my Christmas list it's not even funny. The next generation needs to see this. What I say.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

she's a roller....a high roller baby, my my...

So yeah, my view from the hotel room last night. You got that right, the 22nd floor, people...and we are talking both the Horseshoe and the American falls here, so give it up!

To the left (ok you can't actually see it here) was the fabulous Fallsview Casino Resort, and it was, indeed, fabulous. Not my cup of tea, really, but still fun to have been there once. I was really more interested in the shopping, as the place apparently has some mighty fine shops. We had dinner at Wolfgang Puck's (check me out, talking like we were hanging with Wolfie) which was lovely, then on to the slots! I'd never been to a casino, so I was jazzed to try my luck. But, uh, $20 in 20 minutes? That is SO not a lot of bang for my Canuck buck. After that it was just boring. But apparently the rest of the population of Ontario? (seriously, I'm sure that's about the number of people in this place) So the place to be.

So, will I go back? Maybe. I mean, it's a cool place for sure. But the opulence and the waste - not to mention the ridiculous amounts of stirrup pants, sweatpants, bus tours and mullets - might make me inclined to think otherwise. It's hard not to think about the amount of money this place is making and maybe what it could be better spent on. Which is poor sentence structure for sure, but you get the drift. I know it brings a lot of tourists to Niagara, but there is just so much about the whole thing that seems so wrong. So, will I be able to handle Vegas? I guess that remains to be seen.

Sometimes it's just not good to let a bleeding-heart liberal out on the town.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

outta here!

Well, just for today. Heading off to Niagara Falls this afternoon for the 20th anniversary of my Navy girl friends Christmas party. Yes, I said Navy. I spent 10 years in the Reserves as a musician. So really, there was never a chance I'd see any action. Well, other than the kind you can get on land...

So we've got a swish hotel suite booked, we're going out for a nice dinner, maybe take a drive by the falls to check out the light show, maybe take a wander through the casino (I've never been to a casino, so I'm keen to see what all the fuss is about!) and just have a general good old time. That's what it's all about.

Anyway, cheers, and happy Saturday all - enjoy the ridiculously unseasonal November weather - go golfing or something!

Friday, November 24, 2006

why pbs rocks


i) Tonight they showed Singin' in the Rain, which is - without a doubt - my all-time favourite movie. The little tap dancer girl in me fell madly in love with Gene Kelly. I was 8. This was, of course, long before I even knew what being in love was all about, but I did love him deeply. I cried hard when he died, because I always wanted to dance with him, and I never had the chance. I still love him, and I love that movie more than any other.

ii) After Singin' in the Rain, they had an episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus. This was my favourite show when I was about 10. And, it used to come on at 10pm all those years ago. How do I remember this? Well, we had a babysitter who used to let us stay up and watch it while my parents were out. This really helps explain a lot. Really.

iii) Last but not least, there is a PBS special on The Electric Company on Monday night at 9:30pm. Probably the most brilliant show ever made for kids.

So PBS? You totally get my vote.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

i heart vivian...

...and CSI, and Roger Daltrey....but mostly Vivian for serving me wine and cheese and bread and dip after yoga class and while watching tonight's CSI episode. So fun. And a good episode to boot! Best line:

While looking at a photo of the police officer who was allegedly the last person to see Roger's character alive:

"Well, that's a real good looking boy"


Oh, and this is completely unrelated - really - but an interesting concept, don't you think?

And yes, I do completely realize I've made two orgasm-related posts in less than a week.

That's life.

Thank you Micky Dunn... heh....

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

bring it on

Tomorrow night. CSI. Roger Daltrey. I shall be giving thanks. Big, big thanks.

Happy turkey day tomorrow to all who celebrate. :)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

been caught reading

So if you ride the subway, bus or streetcar in Toronto, beware this woman. Well, okay, don't beware (as I'm sure she's a very nice person) just be aware that she is the author of the amazing Seen Reading, and she will check out your reading material and she will blog it. And y'all thought I was nosy... Pretty cool stuff, and stuff we've all done, right? I mean who doesn't check out their fellow passengers' reading material? I firmly believe it's not just me. Quite obviously, it's Julie Wilson too.

Monday, November 20, 2006

he's the chairman of the bored

Max informed me this evening that school is boring. I was all "wha'??" because up until now he's been the education poster child. Running up the stairs when the bell rings to be the first one to put away his backpack and get to his seat to start working on whatever work/activity was on his desk. Bringing home ridiculously detailed artwork and perfectly formed letters. Performing rousing renditions of whatever song was being worked on in music class. And just, well, just being an all around excellent grade one student. But tonight, for some reason, he was all heavily sighing and eye rolling, and yeah it's all just sooooo last year.

Now, the competitive uber-parent in me surfaces, gets all puffed up and starts to think "well, that's it, he's a genius! He's bored, and that's a sign of geniusness (or geniusisity? apparently he doesn't get this from me...) but anyway, he needs to be tested! We must know the extent of the genius! But then, the cool, funky and overtly laissez-faire parent that I normally am reappears and thinks "let's be rational here, this is a kid who enjoys showing people his bum, and just about falls over laughing at a good fart joke, so let's not get carried least until we get the report card".

So really? I think Max is like the rest of us. He's smart, but occasionally, well, stuff is just boring. He's enthusiastic, but stuff that you normally find fun and interesting? Well, it just sucks. Maybe it's November. And maybe it's because the sun just. never. shines. anymore. But whatever it is, I'm sure he'll pull through. After all, there's Christmas, right? And Christmas as we all know, is all about Transformers and eating. And that my friends, is never boring. Especially for Max.

Sunday, November 19, 2006


So B.C. won the Grey Cup this afternoon. Mes condoléances vers Montréal. Ah well, just wait 'til next year anyway when my Cats will so represent.

Oh, and the pic below could be what Calvillo and the rest of the Als were saying today....or maybe not...maybe it's just me stretching a blog post? Nah....

Saturday, November 18, 2006

i got nothing

Seriously. It's Saturday night, and honestly, I have nothing to report. Yet here I am. Because I am NaBloPoMo!

Oh. Well, okay, there's this. Cos, yeah, that would suck. Or would it? Hmmm.....

Friday, November 17, 2006

thanks, john!

Thanks to John, not only did I remember to post today, I also got my post idea from him. John rocks. He does, however, like to show me these ultracool posts before I've had my first coffee, when I'm hardly human and presyllabic. But I'll forgive him....

Link found via The Genealogue:

Ah, Paris.... (strangely related to my post from yesterday, yet somehow much weirder) Enjoy the girl of one facial expression and head posture. Too funny.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

gay paree

So my mum and I jetted off to Paris today. Flew in to see the newest "maison de Carol et Ian", friends of hers. We had the grand tour, did some shopping, had lunch in a quaint little cafe and then flew home. Well, okay actually we hit the 403 and drove through the fog to Paris, Ontario. We still did all that other stuff, just it's not nearly as cool to do it 20 minutes up the highway.

Paris is a nice little town. It was raining and super foggy, so any lovely town is ugly in the fog, but it was still a nice time. We had lunch with a bunch of blue-hairs from a bus tour, then checked out a few gifty-type shops and then headed for the piece de resistance, the True Value hardware store. Seriously. I am a sucker for hardware stores, particularly small town hardware stores. They have EVERYthing. And the True Values? Well, they're the best. We used to have one down the street and they saved our ass more than once, having crazy shit in stock, and wasn't it just the crazy shit we needed. Awesome.

A few years ago, True Value closed. I was pretty sad, now I have to drive to buy a rake? Birdseed? Paint? Ugh. It remained empty for awhile, and then the next thing we knew, another sign went up - "Welcome to the First Unitarian Church". Now I'm all for freedom of religion, but it seems like a total ripoff to me that my beloved hardware store done got all churched up. I mean really, there are tons of churches around here - you can't go a block without hitting a church or a synagogue. Lots of religious choices in these parts. But kickass hardware stores? None. So for the longest time my bitter self wanted to take a walk into that church and demand door hinges, nails and a bucket. I never did (I'm not a complete heretic) but I do miss that store. Now I've just taken to calling it the Church of True Value.

Which, when you think about it, isn't a bad name for a religious institution.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

career days

So Charles and Max have been talking careers with me. Yes, they're only 8 and 6 respectively, but dudes, they're so thinking long term. And the conversations have gone something like this:

Charles: I'm definitely going to be a karate instructor when I grow up. Oh, and maybe a massage therapist too.

Me: Cool. You can totally kick someone's ass making them work super hard in karate class and then invite them to the massage room where you'll relieve those sore muscles.

Charles: Yep, that's the plan!

Me: Possible conflict of interest, but whatever. Great idea! Max, what about you?

Max: Well, I think I want to have an ice cream shop with lots and lots of different flavours.

Me: That's awesome, I love ice cream, I will definitely go there

Max: Well, for the adults there will also be beer and wine!

Me: Dude, seriously? A licensed ice cream shop? You rock!

Max: Yep!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Everyone has one, right? Today I heard an absolutely amazing one on Sounds Like Canada. Please, go visit Mary-Jo Fetterly for a story that will knock off all your socks.

4 minutes under the wire....boooyah!! 'night y'all...

Monday, November 13, 2006

grey cup week!

So the eastern and western final games were played yesterday and I'm excited for the outcome of the east, but disappointed with the western game. I was really hoping for Saskatchewan, and I'm sorry it was such a rout. But....I am just thrilled that Montreal beat the Argos! It's not that I love the Alouettes all that devotedly, it's just that I intensely hate the Argonauts. But that's just football. Now if it were hockey, I can't ever cheer for Montreal. Strange, huh?

Anyway, on to Winnipeg and the 94th Grey Cup! The 94th, people - this is one seriously revered tradition in Canada.

In other news, apparently we shall never see the sun again in southern Ontario. The drizzle continues, and the fog - oh the fog - continues, and the vice that is barometric pressure continues to squeeze my head. Thank goodness for wine and season 1 of Lost....

Sunday, November 12, 2006

sunday shopping

I'm confused. Lee Valley Tools is closed on Sunday. And yet....and yet...the Amish Furniture open.

Does anyone else see the irony of this??

Saturday, November 11, 2006

three things

Three things that totally made my day today - in no particular order:

1) a purple glitter pen
Yeah, I know, but cut me some slack, people. I have two boys. Boys do not have glitter anything, so to find this in our playroom....well, I was just beside myself! It must have come in a loot bag from some party some time, and the kids, having no use for anything glitter, left it alone to die. So it's mine, now, and so very, very lovely. And I pledge to use no other pen from now until it runs dry. Which could be any time, I have no idea how old this thing is.

2) a new conditioner
My hair salon was out of my usual conditioner, which was horrifying. I don't do well with new hair products. Seriously. I'm faithful to my stuff. My stylist recommended a different one, and although I was skeptical, I gave it a shot, and it's just. awesome. The hair is super shinyrrific today, it rivals the glitter pen...but it's not purple. I know. I'm shallow. So sue me.

3) a compliment
So I'm at kickboxing class today, and we're doing open rounds on the bag - just hit, kick and punch it any which way for 2 minutes at a time. It's so fun. Anyway, I'm doing my thing and the girl on the other bag stops mid jab and says "whoa, did you just do a spinning backfist??" And I said "uh, yeah" And she said "that was TOTALLY AWESOME!" Score. My spinning backfist is totally awesome.

I love Saturdays.

Friday, November 10, 2006

red, red wine...

...makes me forget...what I was going to post. Seriously, I had this post all lined up earlier, and it was going to be great...then what happens? I open a bottle of wine and have a glass and pfft...right out the proverbial window. Ah, I'm sure it will come back to me eventually...

So, instead I will give you a treat. Yet another song from the soundtrack of my mind (which is becoming increasingly more twisted, and so much more 80s than ever before). This one wasn't there when I woke up, but something...something obviously sparked a memory long since hidden....cos really, who thinks of the Blow Monkeys anymore?? Oh, and I so had that same hat, hair and eyeliner in high school. Dude, didn't we all? And wasn't it sometimes hard to separate the boys and the girls? Good times....goooooood times.....

Thursday, November 09, 2006

the cost of a smile

So a couple of weeks ago in a post, I made mention of Charles' "million dollar smile". Well, while it is in fact stunning, it turns out that it's not quite a's going to be more like $5000. Yep, the boy is an orthodontist's dream, and we're starting the process to get the mouth all fixed up purdy-like. We have to be clear with Charles that it isn't *just* because his teeth are wonky - he truly does already have the most gorgeous smile - it's more to alleviate any problems down the road. Jaw problems, headaches, all that jazz can happen (and in some way already have for Charles) when your mouth is out of line. So he gets to go back in January and have some crazy disco bondage headgear thing cemented to the roof of his mouth. I was all "wha'?? ce-ment? like... as in a ce-ment pond? seriously?" and Charles was all "dude, cement in my mouth, that's AWEsome!!" So, as you can tell, he's totally jazzed by this whole endeavour. Even the fact that I get a wrench - a WRENCH, people - with which I have to ratchet this appliance every night - excites him. Sure, probably until it starts to HURT! Then I shall once again be the big meanie.

A couple of observations though; when you're talking dentistry and payment plans and stuff like that with kids around, it makes for some interesting conversation. For instance, the whole thing about the "appliance". I could totally see Charles thinking "oh. my. god. they're going to put a freaking refrigerator in my mouth! AWEsome!" And then there was the matter of insurance. When the assistant left us briefly he said " so uh, the insurance? is that insurance on my teeth? in case, like, they fall out?" So I explained the whole "insurance so we can help pay for all this" to him. And he was "whoa, we have to pay?" Yep. We have to pay. And when he starts in with the "I hate you and I hate the dentist and I HATE THIS THING IN MY MOUTH!" oh, how we'll all pay.

So anyway, due to this impending process and the fact that I have no job (sadly my trophy wife gig doesn't pay much) I have had to postpone the "Girly Getaway of Much Fabuliciousness" that was to happen in Las Vegas to celebrate my rapidly approaching 40th birthday. As I said in the email I sent out to my friends "the responsible adult showed up to play, and the party girl was told to step off." So. The responsible adult once again rears its ugly head. But never fear my friends (blog and otherwise) there will be a party, and it will rock out loud. And there definitely will be a Vegas trip. Just not in January like we'd originally planned.

Oh, and please don't ever mention to Charles that I'm not going to Vegas because of the orthodontist costs. He'd be crushed. He likes his mummy to have a good time.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

so you think you can - uh - poledance??

So Blogger was down when I was trying to post earlier...good thing I remembered, eh? Not sure how the "sorry but my provider was down" would play out with the whole NaBloPoMo thing.


Thought I would talk briefly (ok I wanted to talk at length, but it's freaking late now) about how some of my friends decided to do a pole dancing night. Uh. Yeah. So it happened last week, and I haven't heard any details, and honestly, I'm not sure I want details. I'm too tired to get in to the whole thing right now, but as you can probably tell, I'm not a fan. Nope, not a fan. You say empowering, I say demeaning. Potato, potahto - let's call the whole thing slutty. Tell you what, I promise to blog my entire take on the phenomenon known as poledancing at a later date.

To tide you over until then, I found this article and accompanying video rather intriguing - and laugh your ass off funny. So you think you can dance....indeed.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

ha cha cha cha!

Okay, so today's post is a quickie. Just really want to share with you the song that was all in my head this morning when I woke up. I have no control over this, people. Seriously.

So, I offer for your viewing pleasure....

Kid Creole and the Coconuts

I totally love those back up girls....are they dancing?? Oh, and we so need to bring back the sequin minidress. But the horns rock out loud.

So there you have it.

Oh and for our US friends, get out and vote - vote early, vote often! Good luck with that, y'all.

Monday, November 06, 2006

radiation confrontation

I spent the morning with my mum at the Juravinski Cancer Centre. She has to have radiation on her nose, of all places. Ah yes, the result of far too many summers spent in the sun not only without sunscreen (cos uh yeah, that just didn't exactly exist in the 1950s) but with some sort of oil spread around to deepen the tan. "Deepening the tan" is probably one of the most ridiculous phrases my mother or I could use. It's right up there with saying to the clerk at the LCBO on Friday night "Have a great weekend!" because I know (and they know and I know they know) that I'll be back the next day. But yeah, the tanning thing? No. We turn pink. For us, "deepening the tan" is when all the freckles join together, so really, what's the point? No wonder those skin cells start to rebel.

Anyway, for the past few years she and my dad had been going to a dermatologist to get little pre-cancerous spots "zapped" off. It was a no brainer really, in to see him, 5 minutes with him, then out until next time. The last time though, it was a bit trickier - a biopsy was required and now the radiation. So she's not worried at all, this is for her, just an annoyance, an inconvenience. An interference with her regularly scheduled life. "10 trips to the centre for radiation, what a pain!" says mum. Ha. And no, we are not being flip, and certainly not trying to make light of what can be an extremely serious disease. But she's done the hardcore stuff already. 12 years ago she was diagnosed with lung cancer. She beat it, obviously, but lost a lung in the fight. So we know how scary this can all be.
But I think when you take the attitude of "all right, let's do what we need to get this done and over, so we can move on with life" that has got to help you in your fight against absolutely anything. And, as my mother is a self-proclaimed tough old bird, between you and me? Those cancer cells don't have a chance.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

sunday edition

It's Sunday, so this morning while I did some dusting and other cleaning (really, I do that, just not often enough according to the giant dust balls under our bed - gross) I listened to The Sunday Edition. I really like this show, it's 3 hours of some pretty intense radio. The final hour featured an interview with Alberto Manguel, author of The Library at Night, a book that is on my list of "to-reads". Or rather it was. Now I'm not so sure. Maybe it was just that my brain had taken in a lot of stuff already this morning, or maybe the dust was getting to me, but I found that the dude totally lost me more than once. So, I'll probably still give the book a shot, as it's intriguing to me, and I'll let y'all know how I make out.

In other news, we just started watching Lost from Season 1 episode 1 this weekend and I am so hooked. So uh, why am I two seasons behind? I just am. It has to do with two little kids, working a job that required evening work plus taking a couple of night school courses. I had no tv life for quite some time. But now? Oh well now, no job, no courses and the kids go to bed at a decent hour and - wait for it - don't get up again! Well, until morning that is. So now me and the tv? We're tight again. Oh it's good to be back.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

does this count?

I'm tired and cranky, and my kids are driving me mental. But I'm posting, right? So this qualifies, right? Ok good.

Oh, and seriously, is there anything left that won't make us sick??

Friday, November 03, 2006

bless me one time

I'm a multiple sneezer. I always have been, and probably always will. If I'm going to sneeze, I'm damn well gonna do it up right. That's right, if a sneeze manifests itself, it's going to be followed by another and probably another, and well, let's be honest, maybe a dozen...or more. It's just the way I am, and I know there are lots of others out there like me, I've even met a couple. If you're a multiple sneezer like me, you know you're considered a freak. Even people who KNOW that I do the uber-sneezing still manage to look at me like I'm a freak. It's just life as one of us, right?

The thing with people who are not multiple sneezers is that they somehow feel the need to share with you how MUCH of a freak you are. As in I get a lot of: "wow, aren't you done yet?" "are you ok??" "awwww you sound like a cat when you sneeze!" Or my least favourite: "blessyoublessyoublessyoublessyou". Or, the laughing, so much laughing: "ohmygosh *laugh laugh* what's happening to you *laugh laugh*?" You know what? I've heard it ALL before. Now with people I know, friends and the like, I can deal. I guess it is kind of strange when I go into a sneezing fit, and I can laugh along, then tell them to shut up, cos hey, they're my friends right? And no doubt they have little quirks that I can good-naturedly tease them about down the road, so it's ok.

It's the strangers that truly need a right choking. Case in point. I'm in the grocery store last week and the sneezes come on in full force. Probably like 20 or more in 15 seconds. Even for me, quite an accomplishment.

shopper #1: OMG are you ok?

me: oh yeah, fine

shopper #2 blessyoublessyoublessyoublessyoublessyou ad nauseum

me: *shooting her death looks through my sneezes*

shopper #1: allergies? or a cold maybe?

me: oh, who knows *pushing my cart faster now to get away*

shopper #1: wow, well maybe there's something in HERE that you're allergic to *pointing to a bin of squash*

shopper #2: it's a bad time for allergies, are you sure you're ok?

me: *running now with my cart*

shopper #1: take care of that cold!

shopper #2: bless you! again!

WTF? Now, who in their right mind spends that much time analyzing a stranger's sneezing? The only people I know who ever get that much unwanted attention and advice are pregnant women and women with brand new babies. Having been both of those twice, I have no desire to ever get spoken to by anyone in a public place ever again, and now it's the sneezing that's bringing all the crazies to the yard? Thanks but no thanks. I know for most people, they think they're being witty and original. But, as I said before, I've heard it all.

Oh, and the infernal nonstop blessyoublessyou? That has got to stop, people. Please make it a resolution. The freaky multiple sneezers of the world thank you.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

but all the cool kids are doing it!

So you might have noticed that I've added a little button at the bottom of my sidebar. No? Ah well... anyway, it's all got to do with NaBloPoMo where bloggers post every day for 30 days. It's kinda the blogging version of National Novel Writing Month but shorter. I guess. So I for one have determined that I am up for the challenge! Hey, I'm unemployed and looking for stuff to do, right? Plus, everyone who is cool is doing it! Uh, okay the Pop Culture Librarian is doing it (technically she's the only other blogger that I'm familiar with that's doing it but she's way cool, so yeah!)

So it could be interesting. It's bound to be entertaining! And it might even be intelligent. At the very least it'll be daily. You so know you're looking forward to it.

hey! you! yo, lest we forget! yeah, i'm talkin' to you...

I've been buying and wearing the poppy since I was about 12. I'm sure I had poppies before that, but my first recollection of purchasing my very own (as opposed to having it handed to me at school) is in about grade 7. I used to spend a lot of time downtown (when downtown was SO where it's at in this city) and wiled away an awful lot of Saturday afternoons wandering through record stores, head shops and other cool stores along King St. Seriously? Who lets their kids "wander around head shops" when they're 12? Uh, did our parents even know where we were? Did we want them too? Nope...ah, good times, gooooood times....

Anyway, in my travels with my friends, I would always seek out a veteran and purchase my poppy. Back then, they were plentiful, and nearly every corner had an older gentleman standing quietly with his box of poppies, usually dressed in his legion gear. Sometimes there were women representatives, but for the most part, I remember the men. I'd put my money in the box and the veterans would always take a poppy and pin it on my lapel. A lot of the time they'd be cracking jokes and chatting, thanking me and telling me what a nice young lady I am, and to have a good day. But sometimes they were very solemn, their hands would shake, and I remember one veteran asking me if I would mind pinning the poppy myself, his hands just couldn't do it anymore. Usually I would smile, thank THEM for what they'd done and be on my way, often with tears in my eyes.

So every year around this time when I go to purchase my poppy, I remember the veterans of my youth. I don't head downtown as often anymore, but I bet if I did it would be hard to find someone on the corner selling poppies. I normally now buy them at the grocery store or the LCBO, where occasionally a veteran will be there selling, but mostly, it's just the box of poppies and a place for your money. I realize there are less veterans every year and I know that is considered a good thing, isn't it? The older veterans are dying, and there are less veterans to take their place. It's still a good thing to wear the poppy, but for me it means a little less when I can't thank the person selling it to me.

So how surprised was I in the grocery store last week to see a woman with a tray of poppies? I already had mine, and was I ever glad I did. This lady was crazy, practically assaulting people to buy her poppies. In a loud voice she would accost people with "hey, you need a poppy!" "Who wants a poppy?" "Come on, sir YOU AREN'T WEARING ONE YOU NEED TO BUY ONE!" It was a far cry from the quiet, dignified veterans that I remember, but maybe that's what we need to hear? Remembrance Day becomes just another day in our ad- and brand-filled world if we don't actually think about it, and I start to wonder how many people really do remember? And maybe what we need is more people like the grocery store poppy lady shaking it in our face and giving it to everyone going by with a "Bitch, you SO are in need of this poppy, do NOT walk past me..."

Lest We Forget. Don't make me have to come over there.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

and now for the good news...

...once this ticker gets down to zero, maybe I'll be able to get a job!! See? Botox can't save you from the ultimate end, boomers! Hmmmm.....maybe I'll start one for boomer librarians mwahahaha.....

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