Tuesday, October 17, 2006

here's the story...of a lovely lady...

Back in the summer, our friends held a luau. That's right, a luau. They had everything - tiki torches, leis, drinks with umbrellas - no pig on a spit, but that's ok - they even had specially-created luau CDs - courtesy of yours truly. I have a bit of a reputation for creating fairly well-crafted music CDs for various occasions. It all started with girls' weekends, because you just KNOW you need some serious girly music when you're lying in the sun drinking way too many vodka coolers and reading trashy magazines. You know you need to hear Sister Sledge and Erasure and music of that ilk at least once during the weekend so you can dance on the deck all drunk-like and tell your friends that you love them as you reminisce about drunk dancing at university, etc. It's all good for the soul.

Anyway, I've made CDs for kitchen renovation celebration parties, Canada Day parties, Christmas parties and even made one for Charles' birthday last year with some of his fave tunes. It's fun and legal (I get the tunes from iTunes, and I'm not selling the discs, in spite of Mia's big idea at girls' weekend this year) and I like to do it. So. When Mia asked me to make a soundtrack for her luau I was flattered. So I got straight to work checking out the Hawaiian and luau-related stuff...and people, can I tell you something? This has GOT to be pretty much the worst music in the world. Now I like all kinds of music, I'm open to pretty much everything. But a couple of minutes of this stuff made me just about gouge out my own eyes. My apologies to those of you who might enjoy a good Hawaiian Wedding Song or War Chant but for me it was rough going. So I got all creative and started incorporating sort of Hawaii-related terms or attributes to the songs. For instance: Charlie Don't Surf by The Clash? Sure, why not. Veruca Salt's Volcano Girls? Definitely. So you get the drift, right? Good.

Okay, so we're all there and we're luauing and chatting and eating, and someone comments to Pete what a great party, how festive everything is and Pete says, "yeah thanks, and now all we really need is that tiki idol that the boys found and then Greg wipes out surfing, remember that?" And I jumped up from my seat shouting "yes, yes, OH MY GOD yes!!!" like some sort of pop culture-starved madwoman. And honestly? At that point I kind of was. See, it's like this. That Brady Bunch episode had been on my mind since I knew I was going to a luau. I can't think of Hawaii ever without thinking of the Bradys heading there and that whole 3-part adventure, with the tabu and Vincent Price and, well, everything else that is so ridiculously clear in my mind. So why did I not bring it up at the start of the party? Because historically, I am nearly always the popular culture reference person at pretty much any event. Why? Because people, I swear to you, for every thing that could possibly ever happen, there is some sort of pop culture reference. And I'm not just talking Seinfeld stuff here. I'm talking Brady Bunch and Batfink and Leave it to Beaver and Scooby Doo and Quickdraw McGraw. I'm talking The Trouble with Tracy and Zoom and Hodgepodge Lodge. I could go on... And see, what happens is, my trivia-filled brain sees a situation as it's happening, immediately jumps to a lost episode of The Monkees, and makes the connection. Feeling oh-so smart and for some unknown reason, brilliantly current, I then let everyone else in on this connection, only to be greeted by - you guessed it - cricket sounds. So. After many years of hearing crickets, seeing blank stares and uncomfortable post-comment drink sipping followed by subject-changing and backing slowly away, I've learned to control my pop culture outbursts. Because when you have to explain the reference, it totally loses it's jazz. This is why when Pete made the Brady Hawaii connection (and even, god love him, proceeded to sing the little music bit that characterized the unluckiness of the idol) all that pent-up Brady goodness just flowed like out of me and I spent a good 15 minutes in discussion of that episode, with people who felt the pop culture love and understanding. And yes, I felt much better afterwards.

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