Friday, September 15, 2006

UPS hostage

I'm hanging out at home this morning waiting for the UPS truck. For two days, UPS has been trying to deliver a box - probably a big one - read on for more details - and I've not been around. So today, it's time to stick close to home in order to sign for said box. Oh, and the timeframe we're talking about? Well let's see - before 10:30; between 10:30 & 2pm; between 2 & 5pm; after 5pm. Great. So uh, since it's now 11am, I think it's safe to say the "before 10:30" option isn't happening. Rooting for 10:30-2pm now so I can get out of here and do stuff.

So what's in this precious UPS-delivered box? Well.....

Have you ever read the book The Contest Kid and the Big Prize? I think it was made into a TV movie at one point too, so maybe you're familiar with that version...anyway. It's a book I read when I was about 9 and as an aside, I have a ridiculously clear memory of almost every book I read as a kid, and yet books I read just last year? No clue. Can almost never remember them. Interesting huh? Or maybe sad and pathetic...whatever. But seriously, ask me about Jane-Emily or Double Spell or anything by John Bellairs or Madeleine L'Engle (her own website isn't working it seems) and I can talk all day. Those were some good times....

So back to the contest kid. The Contest Kid and the Big Prize was about a boy who entered every contest he could find. And one day he entered one, not even knowing what the prize was, but filled out the form and sent it off. One day eating breakfast there is a knock on the door and there stood his "prize" - the services of a butler. Hilarity ensued, as it always does in these cases, and there you have it. *gets out of 4th grade book report mode*

My contest kid won a prize too, he entered online at and won. We barely had any recollection of entering this contest, and couldn't remember what the prizes were, but a letter addressed to Max confirmed: one Dunkaroos water bottle, one lunch box, an adventure tool, and...wait for it.... a case - that's right a case - of Dunkaroos. Sweeeet.

But I sure could use a butler.


vivian said...

Mummy, this is the best contest prize ever!

Anonymous said...

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