Thursday, September 28, 2006

just me and the penguin

I have a penguin cocktail shaker and he and I have been quite close tonight. I got him for my birthday (thank you Vivian, super sock rocker) and have really yet to have used him - mostly he sits on my stove looking all proper and shiny. But, since I'm having THE GIRLS over tomorrow night for drinks and Vegas planning (more on that later) and celebration, the penguin and I have become quite tight. Oh, and yes, since you ask, THE GIRLS so does need to be capitalized because they are my women - and seriously, the word "friend" just does not do these ladies justice - they are salvation in sexy clothes. Anyway, the penguin, he has mixed several cosmopolitans tonight - some with raspberry vodka and some with regular. And instead of cranberry, we're using pomegranate juice (cos it's all we've got and also isn't it full of antioxidants? so while we're destroying our livers, the rest of us will be a-ok, right? right.)
So I think we came up with the perfect ratio of stuff, those babies were mighty tasty. And just so you know, I wasn't alone in my tasting, John helped. And yes, he did look rather cute drinking the pink drinks after all.

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