Monday, August 28, 2006

god bless youtube

This is soooo damned funny

Billie Joe Telling About When He Met Roger Daltrey

"...and members of The Who" Bahahaha!

best headline. ever.

"Chinese police end funeral striptease acts"

Really, there's nothing to add to this...although I will say that I think the best part is that there is even a ratline for reporting inappropriate funerals. Power to the party.

Monday, August 21, 2006

embracing y'all

I've adopted the word - or, more correctly, the phrase - "y'all". I know, I'm probably not completely entitled to it, since I'm not a southerner - I kind of figure that southern Ontario doesn't really count. While I'm pretty south, I'm not in the deep south (like Windsor) but still, I have claimed it as my own. I'm not exactly sure when or why, but I think my kids have something to do with it. An example:

me (referring to the school trip Charles was going on): you're going to have so much fun!
charles: who, me?
me: well, you - and your whole class, of course
charles: but you said "you" so you meant me, right?
me: uh - well yes - but you - all of you - your whole class
charles: but you just said "you"
me: well I did, but I meant all of you
charles: but you didn't say that
oh and you just know it went on from there until I nearly chewed my own leg off...but I digress...

Part of the problem is that in English, there is no plural form of "you". In French it's "vous" for the plural (or vous for a formal singular "you") but maybe that's why Charles & Max just don't get the collective "you" when I try to explain stuff to them. When you think about it, it's confusing, and more evidence that English is a totally whacked out language after all. And while I don't condone it, you (all of you, I mean) can almost see where the (and god help me that I'm going to actually say this) "yous" comes from. Now I'm shuddering even seeing that written down, but it kind of makes some sense, when you're trying to get across the plural "you" to people who don't get it. But people, DO NOT EVER SAY YOUS. I know you won't. So this, this brings me to y'all. When you think about it, it's the perfect compromise. It's "you all" but it's one syllable - so it's like "you" - only more descriptive.

So. Will it catch on in the Hammer? Probably not. But the kids get it, which is cool. And maybe I'll become cool because of it...with the under 10 set, anyway.

'Night, y'all.

Monday, August 14, 2006


Yesterday evening was the beginning of the 16th International AIDS Conference in Toronto. Huge. Thousands of delegates from all over the world. Stephen Lewis is there (naturally). Stephen not. I can't even begin to fathom why the man didn't show up. He sent a representative. How nice. AIDS is a global crisis, Canada is hosting what is regarded as the biggest, most important conference regarding AIDS & HIV and yet the PM can't come out for even the opening ceremonies, to show his support for what's going on, to show Canada's commitment to helping.

On CBC's Ontario Today, callers were asked their opinion - does it matter that Stephen Harper isn't at the conference? They took about a dozen calls and there was only one guy that said he thought maybe Harper had a valid reason for not being there (although that reason was never stated, and this was even after one of the conference organizers said he'd been invited shortly after being elected and taking office and yet had refused way back not sure what the point was) BUT this to me, can mean only one thing...Conservative supporters don't listen to CBC.

Anyway, it's a damn shame, and an embarrassment that Harper doesn't take this conference and indeed this issue seriously. More evidence supporting my theory that Stephen Lewis should be Prime Minister...and Stephen Harper should crawl back under his rock.
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