Wednesday, July 05, 2006

lunch...and shoes...

...two of my absolute favourite things in the world. Does that make me shallow? Well if it does, then honey, let the water out cos I'm about as shallow as you can get. Shallow like Elaine says to Jerry, "just when I think you're the most shallow man in the world, you manage to drain a little more out of the pool" - so yeah, go on and drain that pool. But going out for lunch and then shopping for shoes - when accompanied by my best friend in the world - is just about the best day all around. Shallow? Nah, not us.

I've always had a thing for lunching out. Do I sound like Charles from Brideshead Revisited? Ha - well it's intentional. I'm pretty sure it all started as a child and the promise of lunch at either the White Grill or Eaton's with my mum after shopping downtown. Then, moving on to highschool outings - shopping trips with friends and lunch on Saturdays - sometimes the Eaton's cafe and once or twice the Chicken Roost! Later, Sbarro further up in the mall. Ah, those were the days...but always, lunch has been my thing. I still love it more than going out for dinner. Why? Probably because it reminds me of shopping lol. Whatever. All I know is that when A. and I are retired, we are SO going to be the ladies who lunch...and shop for shoes... We can truly spend hours and hours wandering in to shoe stores and just trying on for the sake of trying on. "These are cute, right?" "Oh yeah, so cute" "And what about these?" "Yeah, you totally need those"

And incidentally, the hot shoes pictured above? I tried those love loved them...but didn't buy them.

Who's shallow now??

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