Friday, July 14, 2006

July 14, 2000 - 10:50 am

Maxwell Robert made his entrance in to the world kicking and screeching as only a newborn baby can. I swear that if they hadn't decided that he should come out that exact day, he'd have stayed in there forever - that's just the kind of kid he is. But, there he was, all 8 pounds 5 oz of the roundest faced baby boy I'd ever seen (the roundness is still there btw) and I remember my first words to John being "oh my god - he looks like Herb!" And did he ever - and he still does. And from the very beginning, Max became the easiest baby in the world to look after - quite serious about this - he slept a lot, ate very well and just basically blended into our family so well that it was almost subversive. And still, that's the kind of kid he is. He's smart - but doesn't really show off that he's smart. He's funny - but also very subtle (ok yeah, subtle for a 6 year old - not exactly urbane, but you know what I mean)

So in honour of his birthday, I offer
Top Ten Best Things About Max:

10 - he has the most perfect smile with tiny little white baby teeth - I know I'll cry when they start to fall out
9 - he knows all the words (or rather thinks he does) to You Better You Bet - and sings it a full volume driving in the car (especially fun in the summer with the windows down and people staring in at us)
8- he shows the same amount of enthusiasm and gratitude for a slurpee from the 7-11 that he would show if he won $1000000
7 - he absolutely flat out refuses to watch March of the Penguins because "um mummy? i hear it's very very sad, and i don't think i'd like to see it because it's so sad...i think a penguin dies!" (all said with an intense look of concern and sadness on his face)
6 - at any given time he's wearing a cape and/or a Spiderman costume
5 - some songs make him cry
4 - he had an altercation with a kid at school who was trying to make him say that the girls aren't cool and he refused because, as he said "but I wouldn't say it mummy, because the girls ARE cool!"
3 - he has a reputation with some of his friends' parents of being the "politest kid in the world"
2 - he loves broccoli and asks if it's ok if we buy spinach while we're grocery shopping
and the number 1 best thing about Max is...
that there are at least another hundred things I can boast about - he's just amazing - and he's my superstar. Happy Birthday Max honey - I love you so much.


vivian said...

Hellooooo Max! It's strange because part of me can't believe he's already 6 and the other part can't believe that he is only 6.

Excellent list Elizabeth! If I could add an 11th point, it would be the way he charms the ladies. He'll be doing some serious heart-breaking in about 10 years.

Happy birthday Max!

Ann said...

Happy Birthday Max, you're one cool dude!

Any 6 year old who knows all the words to "Better You Bet" is A-1 in my books.

If only all the kids in the world had your spirit, it would be an amazing world.

the Pearce clan

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