Monday, July 31, 2006

i miss it already...

It's gone. The Who subsite of is gone. And I already miss it. Okay yeah, recently it didn't have all that much info on it, but was the first place I went all those years ago before the 2002 tour, and the first message board I ever read and on which I ever commented; and the place where I "met" some cool Who people; and of course it had all the diary entries and photos from that tour. And although the message forum has been gone for quite awhile, it was always nice to go back there and check things out. So now, there's still stuff on and all but....well it's just not the same, is it? So maybe this is me not getting with the program, moving with the times, etc....but I'm bummed. Still, I'm excited to be on the road to London (yeah ok it's the Ontario one) with my fab friends in two months time to see the band ROCK the John Labatt Centre (here's a tip - don't order Molson Canadian at the bar - d'oh) But I'm gonna miss that site...

61 sleeps! (I need a "sleep counter" on this site)

Saturday, July 29, 2006

my bad

I haven't updated in quite awhile and I so know you're all just beside your virtual selves because of it, but stuff has been happening - not bad stuff, just stuff - so there's not a lot of time to blog. Plus it's ubelievably hot and sitting in front of the computer is like staring at the sun, but here goes.

First of all, for those of you who did keep your fingers crossed for me getting an interview at the CBC - thanks! It worked! I did get an interview, but didn't get the job. Sadly, it was more of an entry level position, and I'm overqualified. Seriously. I don't think I've ever been overqualified for anything before, so in a way I was chuffed. But still unemployed. Ironic. The interview went really well - aside from the "no job out of it" part - so that's something I guess. And they're going to pass my resume on to some of the other librarians to see what else might be available. Yeah, not holding my breath, but it was a nice gesture. Plus I got a walk through the newsroom which excited me way more than it probably should have, and when they asked me about what CBC shows I might like, I got even more excited and spouted off a bunch that I watch/listen to and finished off with something along the lines of "you could say that I'm a CBC groupie!" Come ON - who uses the word "groupie" in a job interview. Well, I guess it kind of depends on the job doesn't it? But yeah, chances are the Mother Corporation isn't that kind of a gig. thinking back....just what did they think I was overqualified for?!

Second point for tonight. The border is closing and soon, very soon Toronto won't be able to send it's garbage to Michigan anymore. But it does seem that *some* Canadian trash is going to be getting through to the state as I read of these nuptials earlier today! Get it? Canadian trash? Going to Michigan? Pamela is Canadian and Kid Rock is from Detroit! Come on you know it's funny...

Lastly, but not leastly, a shout out to my girls, my truly awesome asskicking friends with whom I recently spent a fantastic weekend in Southampton. Where else but with your friends can you drink way too much, eat way too much, yet still come up with business plans, figure out what's wrong with the world and decide what needs to be done to fix it, bash some celebrities and celebrate others, reminisce about the crazy days and make serious plans for the future...all at the same time? Nowhere, that's where. Thanks ladies - you all rock my world.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

dude, where's my mat?

Yoga started up again last Thursday night, back at it after a 2 week hiatus while my teacher Maureen was on holiday. And it was so great to be back, even just missing 2 weeks makes my whole body seize up and people, it's not pretty. So we're there and it's the usual suspects, plus a few new suspects checking out the studio and the class for the summer session. And it's hot. As in Africa hot - or maybe India hot, since we're doing yoga - I don't know. But sweat running down your back, Bikram yoga hot - but it's good in a way, because let me tell you, the body likes to be hot, the body bends way better in the heat. Anyway, so all the doors are open to catch any sort of breeze that might be blowing, and since the studio is right on a corner and across from a park, we get gawkers. Yes that's right, people actually do stand on the corner and take a good long look and then say to their companions so we can't help but hear, "yep yer right Ethel, looks like what they're doin' in there is that newfangled yoga thing" and some will even go so far to stick their heads in and look around. Seriously. And then there are the times we go over to the park for our class. We get all sorts of weird looks, we get toddlers wandering over trying to do the postures, dogs barking around us, you name it. But usually in the studio we're safe. Or so we thought.

So it's nearly the end of class and we're all hot and tired and in a well-deserved Savasana and it starts like this:

A bunch of dudes outside: "hey hey check it out - yoga class, eh?"
1st dude: "oh man yeah, lookatem all lyin' down - heh heh yeah i'm gonna go lie down too"
2nd dude: "nah come on man, let's go"
1st dude: "no way, yeah heh heh, i'm gonna go lie down, come on"

Next thing we know, 1st dude stumbles in and lies down not 6 inches from my mat. So needless to say, I'm not nearly as relaxed as I was 30 seconds before, but ok, I'm chilling waiting to see how this is going to go down. So his buddy outside starts screaming at him to "get outta there man, come on, you know these people take this shit seriously, eh?" which actually made me laugh because in spite of the trainwreck that this seems to be turning into, there's still a sort of reverance and respect there for "this shit".

Anyway, by now, 1st dude - my mat buddy - is stretched out and my next reaction (after tensing up somewhat) is to just keep breathing, which becomes increasingly difficult as the booze aroma wafts over from him and completely masks Maureen's burning sage. And now I'm getting a bit worried. And let's be clear here - I don't have a problem with drunk people - heck I very often AM drunk people - it's just that a dude that is drunk enough to crash a yoga class might start out all mellow and "duuuuuude this is awwwwesome and I looooove you guys" but some little thing like a giggle or a sniff might just set him off and now all of a sudden he's all up in your face wanting to do harm.

So he stays, and wow, total props to Maureen for continuing as if nothing weird was going down. Drunk dude is still lying there making some soft snoring/moaning sounds - and uh dude? I so could have told you that when you're that tanked and you lie down, there's a very good chance you're not going to be able to get up again any time soon. So we finish up and now we're in our seated position again, with our eyes still closed. So as of yet, I haven't seen this guy, but given the state of his drunkenness (which seemed blinding) and the way he spoke, I kind of figured he was one of the older guys you sometimes see wandering round the park. But once Maureen had us open our eyes and I could get a look at my yoga partner, he wasn't an old rummy at all but a kid - probably not more than 20 (which technically I understand is not a kid, but you know what I mean) And I was so shocked at this little street dude - skinny white kid, no shirt and beyond sunburned (probably from drinking all day in the sun), hat on sideways (I'm sure there's a term for that - my dad used to say their hats were "on lock" - but something tells me that's not it) and those big ass baggy jeans - the pockets of which you might not have known comfortably hold a 26er of vodka. Ah, so now I understand why they're so popular.

Now, by this time you'd think drunk dude would be on his way, but he actually stuck around. At the end of the class, Maureen will often go around the circle and ask how we are, what we got out of the class, how it felt. So we each do our thing, and Maureen gets to drunk dude and he says "yeah, it was good man, I feel relaxed and I like being mellow so yeah, it's cool". Then he thanked Maureen, got up, stumbled past her and managed to bounce off both sides of the door frame as he made his way out.

Once he was gone, we rolled up our mats and had a bit of a laugh about how that was a first, and maybe we should all pitch in and get A/C for the studio so we don't have to keep the doors open, but all the way home I just kept thinking about this little dude. I wondered if he'd go off and tell his buddies about how he crashed the class, like it was some sort of conquest. Or, would the fact that Maureen didn't toss him out, that she let him stay and let him participate sort of stay with him? Would he try to come back sober? Was it enough of a positive experiece for him that he'd do it again? Now, I don't think that every person that happens to be pissass drunk in the afternoon on occasion is a lost soul wasting their life (hello, university??) but it was such a unique experience and it was handled with so much kindness and understanding, that I think it must have made an impact on our drunk yoga dude. At least I hope it did.

Friday, July 14, 2006

July 14, 2000 - 10:50 am

Maxwell Robert made his entrance in to the world kicking and screeching as only a newborn baby can. I swear that if they hadn't decided that he should come out that exact day, he'd have stayed in there forever - that's just the kind of kid he is. But, there he was, all 8 pounds 5 oz of the roundest faced baby boy I'd ever seen (the roundness is still there btw) and I remember my first words to John being "oh my god - he looks like Herb!" And did he ever - and he still does. And from the very beginning, Max became the easiest baby in the world to look after - quite serious about this - he slept a lot, ate very well and just basically blended into our family so well that it was almost subversive. And still, that's the kind of kid he is. He's smart - but doesn't really show off that he's smart. He's funny - but also very subtle (ok yeah, subtle for a 6 year old - not exactly urbane, but you know what I mean)

So in honour of his birthday, I offer
Top Ten Best Things About Max:

10 - he has the most perfect smile with tiny little white baby teeth - I know I'll cry when they start to fall out
9 - he knows all the words (or rather thinks he does) to You Better You Bet - and sings it a full volume driving in the car (especially fun in the summer with the windows down and people staring in at us)
8- he shows the same amount of enthusiasm and gratitude for a slurpee from the 7-11 that he would show if he won $1000000
7 - he absolutely flat out refuses to watch March of the Penguins because "um mummy? i hear it's very very sad, and i don't think i'd like to see it because it's so sad...i think a penguin dies!" (all said with an intense look of concern and sadness on his face)
6 - at any given time he's wearing a cape and/or a Spiderman costume
5 - some songs make him cry
4 - he had an altercation with a kid at school who was trying to make him say that the girls aren't cool and he refused because, as he said "but I wouldn't say it mummy, because the girls ARE cool!"
3 - he has a reputation with some of his friends' parents of being the "politest kid in the world"
2 - he loves broccoli and asks if it's ok if we buy spinach while we're grocery shopping
and the number 1 best thing about Max is...
that there are at least another hundred things I can boast about - he's just amazing - and he's my superstar. Happy Birthday Max honey - I love you so much.

Monday, July 10, 2006

it's like thunder...lightning...

...thank goodness I'm brave otherwise being home alone today would be frightening! Crazy weather.... So yeah, home alone and working on cover letters and resumes, checking job boards and - uh - *cough*blogging*cough*. Well, it's break time, and since I'm not having coffee I'll blog.

Big win for Italy yesterday yay!! I was truly embarrassed for Zidane after his outburst, and I'm sure as soon as it happened he gave his head a shake (and not just because it probably hurt) and thought "wtf did I just do?" Not the best way to finish up his career, and definitely deserving of the red card. I felt badly for French fans too, but still rather elated that Italy wound up on top!

Have you found Sean yet? Oooooh if not, Sean Cullen is hosting Simply Sean on CBC Radio One - Saturday mornings from 10:00-11:00. He is probably one of the funniest men ever. EVER. And I don't think he has a script, he's that funny.

[side note > does anyone else think that since I do so much promotion of the CBC on my blog, that maybe I ought to go work for them? I thought so - that's why I applied for a job in their Toronto library - so fingers crossed, k?! < ]

Sean's website [link above] is hysterical, and I recently read his book "Hamish X And The Cheese Pirates" which is a great (quickie) read. It's aimed at young adults (frankly, I think I qualify) and yes, he does even make one or two Eskimo references, just so you know.

In other Sean-related news (albeit with a different spelling) we watched Shaun of the Dead this weekend, which has got to be THE funniest zombie movie ever made. The tagline reads "A Romantic Comedy. With Zombies." How on earth could you resist?!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

lunch...and shoes...

...two of my absolute favourite things in the world. Does that make me shallow? Well if it does, then honey, let the water out cos I'm about as shallow as you can get. Shallow like Elaine says to Jerry, "just when I think you're the most shallow man in the world, you manage to drain a little more out of the pool" - so yeah, go on and drain that pool. But going out for lunch and then shopping for shoes - when accompanied by my best friend in the world - is just about the best day all around. Shallow? Nah, not us.

I've always had a thing for lunching out. Do I sound like Charles from Brideshead Revisited? Ha - well it's intentional. I'm pretty sure it all started as a child and the promise of lunch at either the White Grill or Eaton's with my mum after shopping downtown. Then, moving on to highschool outings - shopping trips with friends and lunch on Saturdays - sometimes the Eaton's cafe and once or twice the Chicken Roost! Later, Sbarro further up in the mall. Ah, those were the days...but always, lunch has been my thing. I still love it more than going out for dinner. Why? Probably because it reminds me of shopping lol. Whatever. All I know is that when A. and I are retired, we are SO going to be the ladies who lunch...and shop for shoes... We can truly spend hours and hours wandering in to shoe stores and just trying on for the sake of trying on. "These are cute, right?" "Oh yeah, so cute" "And what about these?" "Yeah, you totally need those"

And incidentally, the hot shoes pictured above? I tried those love loved them...but didn't buy them.

Who's shallow now??

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Forza Italia!

We just watched Italy beat Germany in the World Cup semi-final and although it's all quiet in this neighbourhood, I'm sure the one where I grew up is beyond crazy right now. In spite of my surname, and while I always like to see the host country do well, I'm SO excited for Italy! So...will they face Portugal? Or France? Hmmm....we'll find out tomorrow! I have to admit, I'll be sad when the final game is played, when it's all over for another 4 years. But for now Va L'Italia!

In other exciting news, it's a fantastic time to be a Who fan. Not that it isn't *always* a fantastic time to be a Who fan, but during their current tour, the band is broadcasting live via the web at!! I got to see their entire performance from Hyde Park Calling which was beyond incredible - $.99 for a whole Who show - unreal - and yes, I'd call that a bargain...

And yes....I'm speechless....

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