Tuesday, June 06, 2006

tarot no go

Last night I went with some friends to a spa in a neighbouring town where we all participated in tarot readings. The woman reading has been around for quite some time - her name was familiar to me, I've seen her ads, been to events where she has been reading, etc. So, one by one we sat down at her table and she proceeded to read the cards. Or so we thought. I've never been to a tarot reading where the reader didn't actually do a spread. I mean, even with a mini reading, normally there is a spread?? Anyway she had us each choose three cards and then proceeded to talk. Now, I know my tarot cards - and this woman didn't even explain to us which cards we'd chosen, what they can represent, how they might work together etc. Seemed a little dodgy at this point, and it went downhill from there. Since we all went in separately we compared notes afterwards and we all basically got the same reading. One of the girls even asked her about the deck she was using, and she couldn't tell her anything about it!

So we all went for a beer afterwards, and we kind of laughed about it - how she told most of the girls "oh you'll be pregnant within a couple of years" how she asked me "do you have one or two children?" and my first thought was "uh, you tell me..." but I didn't play that game, although in a way I wish I had. So while we laughed about our experience, at the same time I felt frustrated and duped and I will certainly never participate in a reading by that woman again. And I started to wonder what the deal was. Was she having an off night? Not feeling the energy in the place? Did she get a bad vibe from us? (doubtful, I think we were all there with open minds) or is she just out there to make a buck? I'm a big believer in the cards - not in that you need to take it all as gospel truth, live your life according to what they tell you, etc. - but in the way that I think truly talented readers can give you some insight through the cards.

And if the problem *wasn't* in us or the place or whatever, has this woman made a reputation for herself by offering generic tarot readings? Does everyone that goes to her think "well that was rubbish, I'll never go back..." or are there people who really do marvel at her words and continue to seek her out? I suppose I'll never know. I do think, though that anyone who may have had some doubts about the power of the cards could easily have been turned off forever, which is a shame. Thankfully I still have faith that there are insightful and talented readers of tarot out there - they likely don't have the glossy brochures like the ones we were encouraged to take with us last night - and they probably don't operate out of spas. But I know they're out there - I know for sure there is at least one who will probably blow my mind with accuracy - and I think it's time to pay her a visit.

Caveat emptor indeed.

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Anonymous said...

sorry to hear that - Tarot can be very helpful at times

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