Friday, June 09, 2006

the beautiful dilemma

Today is the beginning of the World Cup and I'm at a loss - I just don't know where to throw my support. Yeah, Canada hasn't appeared for more than a decade, so normally I back Ireland, as a tribute to a portion of my heritage. But they're not in this year - the horror. So who's next? (lol) I could go with the other part of my heritage and cheer on Germany - it's always nice to see the host country do well, so that's a possibility. Ukraine? Well, I know that's where John and Charles' support is going, and it's preferable to have a bit of a rivalry going on in the household, so hmmm.....

I guess I will have to go with my old standby - Italia! What's that you say? Ah, yes I realize there is no Italian blood in this girl, but growing up in the north end of Hamilton with loads of first generation Italian friends, I always had honorary status. And I will never forget the party in 1982 when Italy beat West Germany and Paolo Rossi became a god to Italian football fans everywhere.

Still, no matter what, it's going to be a wonderful month! I love the flags in all the cafes, the tvs all tuned to the games, and the crowds that spill out onto the streets afterwards, bursting into song and continuing the celebration as they make their way home, or to the next party. The beautiful game? Absolutely.

If you're interested, FIFA has a fantastic website with loads of video, stats, standings and team information.

And because I just cannot pass up the opportunity, I want to share this video of what is probably the best soccer game of all time... Germany vs Greece (Aristotle very much the man in form...heh)

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