Saturday, May 13, 2006

sushi and the city

Thursday was about as fab-glam as my life gets. Drove to Toronto, parked 'on the circle' (seriously!) at the U of T, picked up Viv, met Mel for sushi at Sushi Inn (yes, we even had a window to enjoy the fashionista parade - god I love restaurant reviewers haha!) and went shopping. Oh the life I lead, I swear I am so Carrie Bradshaw...ok, not really. First off, couldn't find the entrance to this inner circle on the was raining and by the time I met Viv at the end of the walkway (she had to come meet me cos I'm hopelessly lost by this point) I was looking less CB and more drowned rat. Ah well, when you meet your friends for dinner looking all drowned-ratty they still hug you and tell you that you look fabulous and then you go off and have a wonderful time anyway. That's why they're your friends. And we did have a great time, as we always do when we're together. Sadly, no dress for me - that's what I was shopping for, a dress for an upcoming wedding - but if the Pepe le Pew t-shirt don't 'alf make up for it, I honestly don't know what would.

So last night was karate class for me. And yes, it does actually hurt to type this, thanks for asking. I promised Charles I'd go to a class with him since May is "bring your mother to karate class" month. A nice sentiment, no? Well, realistically it should be called "bring your mother to karate class if you hate her and want her to die" month. O h. m y. g o d. And I'm thinking "hey, I'm in shape, I do yoga and I run..." Pffft. I could barely walk last night and today I thought I was never going to be able to walk upright again. 50 jumping jacks, 50 pushups, 25 situps plus a variety of kicking techniques and hundreds of some other crazy exercises...I have a new appreciation for what Charles and John do on a regular basis, that's for sure. But I'll stick with my yoga classes and my running schedule....and pass the Rub A535...and the merlot....

So today I did manage to find a dress for said wedding - woo! And it meets all my criteria - it has structure (no floaty, gossamer, chiffony dresses for this bod) and it's a neutral colour (so not the sorbet-coloured sheaths that Mel had me model Thursday night - and anyway how is it that "miss wears black only" demands that I try on floaty dresses the colour of orange sherbet - ah, but I know she does it out of love...and I digress...) Anyway. The mall on the Saturday before mother's day - some observations:

  • there were a lot of bored-looking men leaning on dress racks - I mean a LOT - I don't know if it's because it's mother's day and they're shopping with their wives, I don't know but they all had the same "scared rabbit in the headlights yet I'm so bored and I don't know where to look because there's women all over this freaking place and I don't want to look like I'm looking, you know?" look - I wanted to take them away and buy them a coffee
  • pre-teen and teen girls shopping for prom/grad dresses/shoes with their mothers are about the scariest people on earth
  • except for the crafty/scrapbooky people whom you see at places like Michael's - where I had to go to buy a stepping stone kit for nana for mother's day - now those people seriously take the proverbial cake when it comes to obsessive freakedy-freakedness
  • capri pants should never - EVER - come in lime green satin - that is just beyond wrong
  • there are just not enough shoe stores in the malls in Hamilton - this is not a joke - somewhere between about 1990 and now, the number of shoe stores in Hamilton has dropped more than half. And no, I don't have the exact figures, I just go by what I know...and I know shoe stores...and I miss them - Dolan, Town Shoes, Eaton's shoe department (naturally), Julia,'s that for obsessive freakedy-freakedness?

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