Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I can't help it - it's what I turn into when I'm off work. Like I have to earn my keep or something, I don't know. So for my first day of unemployment I cleaned closets and did a mondo-purge of clothes and other stuff, weeded gardens, called a plumber ("It's the plumber, I've come to fix the sink!" haha, not really - he came to fix the outside tap - ok and the first person to get that reference gets a prize - and no Googling - cos Google's not a verb - and that's almost even a hint lol ) and made tabouleh. In freaking 33C weather, I might add.

So yes, e-L is out of work once again and uh didn't I do this whole job hunting thing LAST summer? SO not the best way to spend one's time in the hot hot heat. But until someone pays me for my tabouleh-making and closet-cleaning skills, I'll be pounding the proverbial - and largely virtual - pavement. So to get me started, according to Channel 4's The Worst Jobs in History Career Guide Quiz:

30 to 70 You don't mind doing your fair share of hard graft, but you'd prefer not to be killed while doing it. If tough is your bag, try Sedan-chair bearer, searching for bones or cigar ends as a Scavenger, Roman gold miner, operating a Treadmill or working as a Navvy.

Damn, cos I really wanted to be a Sin Eater...


Ann said...

Hmmm, is the quote from the Saturday Night Live skit with the Jaws shark attempting to enter the apartment??

*cue Jaws music* ;-)

e-Lizabeth said...

haha! no, but good guess - I love that "uh, land shark..."

Vivian said...

You are the queen of pop culture references! I'm completely stumped.

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