Wednesday, May 10, 2006

gettin' saucy

For me, it's always been about the sauce. I'm a sauce fan. Not gravy - just sauce. I remember sauces aplenty in my home as a child - French's mustard and Heinz ketchup were just the tip of the iceberg - oh yeah. I started early, with Heinz 57 sauce on Cheez-Whiz sandwiches (ok shut up there's way grosser things you can eat...hellooo? Nutella? Marmite?) We also had lots of Keen's mustard - not the ready prepared stuff, no no - it must be the powder that you mix with water to make a mustard paste. This satisfied my granddad, and while I always liked it, it's what I always imagined (and still kinda do I guess) that was the stuff that mustard poultices were made of. So it has that exotic charm to it too! And horseradish. Lots of horseradish on roast beef Sundays, and I tell you when you don't eat meat, there are very few things to put horseradish on. And don't start on wasabi or that horseradish mayo - both are great, but not the same as some serious right up your nose horseradish. I miss it. My brother and I used to hide it in our mashed potatoes so every once in awhile a mouthful included about a tablespoon of the stuff. And yeah, I'll admit that's a little strange, but it did liven up the Sunday dinner table. Later, my parents started to branch out even further in the sauce department, and my dad discovered more sauces like Horne's BBQ (where can you buy that now??) as well as international flavours such as Pickapeppa, Matouk's and others. So yeah, sauce = a huge part of e-L's very existence. So I was very dismayed to read about the HP factory closing. Now, it's just moving, but I somehow don't think the houses of parliament sauce is the same coming from someplace other than England, do you? And what about all the other sauces? The ones that are hard to get in Canada? The curry! Ooooh and the fruity! It's a sad day, sauce fans... HP is a perfect brown sauce, another blast from my gastronomical past...and I tell you, I'm off to stock up!


Ann said...

Hey you, a shout out to some HP sauce to stock up on! The recent Barn flyer has HP sauce on sale for 2/$5.00 starting May 13th to May 19th. Go mental dear girl!!

Ann xo

vivian said...

Steve drooled as he read this.


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