Sunday, May 14, 2006

best. mother's day. ever.

And it wasn't just because of this - but seriously, what a totally kick-ass gift from my boys, no? It really was just a fab day all around, from the plasticine art from Max to the card Charles picked out for me ("You're my mother and I'm your kid, thanks for all the crap you did...") I had a great day. And I hope all you mothers out there did too. (why does it always sound rude to say "all you mothers"?? lol)

So really, the only thing that would have made the day beyond perfect is this
Oh it's so gorgeous...and practical...and I'm such a geek...

And for you mums who prefer the bling to be the thing, check it out...

Get more @ girlprops - yeah, baby!


Ann said...

*HUGE SMILE* I'm SO happy for you dear girl and it's great to hear you had a real ass Mother's Day! You certainly deserve it and I love the pressie and cards. :-)

LOL at the bling. WTF? Shut up, where we get ourselves one of those!!??

Ann xo

Ann said...

*ahem* please insert "kick" inbetween real and ass. LOLOLOL! Sorry about that!

*makes a L sign on forehead*

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