Wednesday, May 31, 2006

the adventures of...

...bug boy!

work it, girl!

If you haven't ever seen a Divine video, now is your chance - god bless YouTube. I love how this particular one is taken from the Retro Boogie Dance Party too.

There's more Divine too, including I Am So Beautiful and an awesome live version of Native Love!! The video is a little dark, but does it NOT rock??

And now I totally need to go rent Hairspray...

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I can't help it - it's what I turn into when I'm off work. Like I have to earn my keep or something, I don't know. So for my first day of unemployment I cleaned closets and did a mondo-purge of clothes and other stuff, weeded gardens, called a plumber ("It's the plumber, I've come to fix the sink!" haha, not really - he came to fix the outside tap - ok and the first person to get that reference gets a prize - and no Googling - cos Google's not a verb - and that's almost even a hint lol ) and made tabouleh. In freaking 33C weather, I might add.

So yes, e-L is out of work once again and uh didn't I do this whole job hunting thing LAST summer? SO not the best way to spend one's time in the hot hot heat. But until someone pays me for my tabouleh-making and closet-cleaning skills, I'll be pounding the proverbial - and largely virtual - pavement. So to get me started, according to Channel 4's The Worst Jobs in History Career Guide Quiz:

30 to 70 You don't mind doing your fair share of hard graft, but you'd prefer not to be killed while doing it. If tough is your bag, try Sedan-chair bearer, searching for bones or cigar ends as a Scavenger, Roman gold miner, operating a Treadmill or working as a Navvy.

Damn, cos I really wanted to be a Sin Eater...

Sunday, May 21, 2006

michigan seems like a dream to me now...

...even though it didn't take us 4 days to hitchhike from Saginaw...

But seriously folks, we had such a good time. So thanks to Carly and family for making us feel so very welcome once again and including us in yet another wonderful family wedding. Once I get the pics uploaded y'all can see how nice we tarted up for the occasion too. Because we did.

So yeah I'm tired and sore from 4 hours in the car trying to keep it on the 402/401 in a farging windstorm, but I did want to share this LOL video that has got to be one of the funniest things I've ever seen, and come ON where WAS it when I was lamenting the whole lack of religious movies around Eastertime?? Anyway, enjoy and rejoice particularly in Samuel L. Jackson because yeah, he is THE man.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

best. mother's day. ever.

And it wasn't just because of this - but seriously, what a totally kick-ass gift from my boys, no? It really was just a fab day all around, from the plasticine art from Max to the card Charles picked out for me ("You're my mother and I'm your kid, thanks for all the crap you did...") I had a great day. And I hope all you mothers out there did too. (why does it always sound rude to say "all you mothers"?? lol)

So really, the only thing that would have made the day beyond perfect is this
Oh it's so gorgeous...and practical...and I'm such a geek...

And for you mums who prefer the bling to be the thing, check it out...

Get more @ girlprops - yeah, baby!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

sushi and the city

Thursday was about as fab-glam as my life gets. Drove to Toronto, parked 'on the circle' (seriously!) at the U of T, picked up Viv, met Mel for sushi at Sushi Inn (yes, we even had a window to enjoy the fashionista parade - god I love restaurant reviewers haha!) and went shopping. Oh the life I lead, I swear I am so Carrie Bradshaw...ok, not really. First off, couldn't find the entrance to this inner circle on the was raining and by the time I met Viv at the end of the walkway (she had to come meet me cos I'm hopelessly lost by this point) I was looking less CB and more drowned rat. Ah well, when you meet your friends for dinner looking all drowned-ratty they still hug you and tell you that you look fabulous and then you go off and have a wonderful time anyway. That's why they're your friends. And we did have a great time, as we always do when we're together. Sadly, no dress for me - that's what I was shopping for, a dress for an upcoming wedding - but if the Pepe le Pew t-shirt don't 'alf make up for it, I honestly don't know what would.

So last night was karate class for me. And yes, it does actually hurt to type this, thanks for asking. I promised Charles I'd go to a class with him since May is "bring your mother to karate class" month. A nice sentiment, no? Well, realistically it should be called "bring your mother to karate class if you hate her and want her to die" month. O h. m y. g o d. And I'm thinking "hey, I'm in shape, I do yoga and I run..." Pffft. I could barely walk last night and today I thought I was never going to be able to walk upright again. 50 jumping jacks, 50 pushups, 25 situps plus a variety of kicking techniques and hundreds of some other crazy exercises...I have a new appreciation for what Charles and John do on a regular basis, that's for sure. But I'll stick with my yoga classes and my running schedule....and pass the Rub A535...and the merlot....

So today I did manage to find a dress for said wedding - woo! And it meets all my criteria - it has structure (no floaty, gossamer, chiffony dresses for this bod) and it's a neutral colour (so not the sorbet-coloured sheaths that Mel had me model Thursday night - and anyway how is it that "miss wears black only" demands that I try on floaty dresses the colour of orange sherbet - ah, but I know she does it out of love...and I digress...) Anyway. The mall on the Saturday before mother's day - some observations:

  • there were a lot of bored-looking men leaning on dress racks - I mean a LOT - I don't know if it's because it's mother's day and they're shopping with their wives, I don't know but they all had the same "scared rabbit in the headlights yet I'm so bored and I don't know where to look because there's women all over this freaking place and I don't want to look like I'm looking, you know?" look - I wanted to take them away and buy them a coffee
  • pre-teen and teen girls shopping for prom/grad dresses/shoes with their mothers are about the scariest people on earth
  • except for the crafty/scrapbooky people whom you see at places like Michael's - where I had to go to buy a stepping stone kit for nana for mother's day - now those people seriously take the proverbial cake when it comes to obsessive freakedy-freakedness
  • capri pants should never - EVER - come in lime green satin - that is just beyond wrong
  • there are just not enough shoe stores in the malls in Hamilton - this is not a joke - somewhere between about 1990 and now, the number of shoe stores in Hamilton has dropped more than half. And no, I don't have the exact figures, I just go by what I know...and I know shoe stores...and I miss them - Dolan, Town Shoes, Eaton's shoe department (naturally), Julia,'s that for obsessive freakedy-freakedness?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

gettin' saucy

For me, it's always been about the sauce. I'm a sauce fan. Not gravy - just sauce. I remember sauces aplenty in my home as a child - French's mustard and Heinz ketchup were just the tip of the iceberg - oh yeah. I started early, with Heinz 57 sauce on Cheez-Whiz sandwiches (ok shut up there's way grosser things you can eat...hellooo? Nutella? Marmite?) We also had lots of Keen's mustard - not the ready prepared stuff, no no - it must be the powder that you mix with water to make a mustard paste. This satisfied my granddad, and while I always liked it, it's what I always imagined (and still kinda do I guess) that was the stuff that mustard poultices were made of. So it has that exotic charm to it too! And horseradish. Lots of horseradish on roast beef Sundays, and I tell you when you don't eat meat, there are very few things to put horseradish on. And don't start on wasabi or that horseradish mayo - both are great, but not the same as some serious right up your nose horseradish. I miss it. My brother and I used to hide it in our mashed potatoes so every once in awhile a mouthful included about a tablespoon of the stuff. And yeah, I'll admit that's a little strange, but it did liven up the Sunday dinner table. Later, my parents started to branch out even further in the sauce department, and my dad discovered more sauces like Horne's BBQ (where can you buy that now??) as well as international flavours such as Pickapeppa, Matouk's and others. So yeah, sauce = a huge part of e-L's very existence. So I was very dismayed to read about the HP factory closing. Now, it's just moving, but I somehow don't think the houses of parliament sauce is the same coming from someplace other than England, do you? And what about all the other sauces? The ones that are hard to get in Canada? The curry! Ooooh and the fruity! It's a sad day, sauce fans... HP is a perfect brown sauce, another blast from my gastronomical past...and I tell you, I'm off to stock up!

Monday, May 08, 2006

how do you know you're alive?

This is what my yoga teacher asked us this evening. After centering and preparing to move on to the remainder of our practice, she had us think about what it means to know you're alive. Is it a sensation in your body? Your breath? A certain warmth or feeling? It sounds remarkably simple - like duh I'm breathing so I'm alive right? But, as usual, Maureen was spot on as far as getting in tune with us (I say *us* because I firmly believe that if she's in tune with me - as she always manages to be - she's in tune with everyone) and it was remarkable for me to focus on my life like that - to consider what it means to be alive and to know you're living. And I love the awareness it sparked in me - just that simple, yet loaded question - and as a result I feel amazing right now - and completely alive.

So now, to transition to more about life - past lives, in fact - I offer a fantastic website/zine devoted to all the past lives of buildings in and areas of Hamilton. There is beauty galore in Hamilton. I'm utterly biased, naturally, because I've lived here my entire life. But I also believe in urban beauty - to me, there is a magic about cities, and Hamilton just happens to be the one I know best. So when I checked out the current issue of H Magazine (I picked up a copy at the yoga studio) I was mesmerized by what I saw. This particular issue is all about ghost signs - the ones you see on old buildings - advertisements, names of the business that once occupied the building, etc. and Hamilton is full of these things if you know where to look. There are other editions focussing on art, parks, etc. and highlighting historic Hamilton landmarks, but the ghost signs are just incredible. Definitely worth a tour and I think touring the signs will be a day trip this summer with the boys - I know they'd love it too. Another great publication devoted to all things Hamilton is Urbanicity (they have a website too here - it's mostly letting you know where to pick it up and how to advertise, etc.) but the editor of this great paper is a friend from highschool, none other than Reg Beaudry - wow. Most impressed by this and Reg is one of the funniest guys ever. His dream in highschool was to be a director - if I remember correctly he admired David Cronenberg immensely - make of that what you will... Anyway, he once drew up an 8 1/2 x 11 move bill of a horror movie entitled "When Elizabeth Sneezes" - an homage to my ability to sneeze about a thousand times in a row at any given time - and starring our friends from the music department. I still have it, and my plan is to have it laminated - I'd hate to lose it. I might even try to scan it - it's quite well done and very funny - Reg is definitely an original.

So that's my shout out tonight - to life - and to the Hammer - and especially, to life in the Hammer. I can't imagine it any other way.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

Lyric brilliance lol. And oh but it was SO fun to get out and dance and you can so bet we look good on the dance floor...heh... Definitely a great time for Mia's bday and treating a bar like a sociological study is always fun. I'd like to say that I just started doing this recently, but I have to admit I've always been a voyeur in this respect. So...some observations from the night:

  • all the young dudes look the same. I don't know what it is, but we scoped the majority of the guys in our vicinity and with few exceptions, they all had the same hair and the same style, and the clothes didn't even really vary. A high proportion of bald-by-choice guys too, and even a couple who Mel told me reminded her of Right Said Fred which was totally bang on - if a little scary...too sexy for their shirts? Uh no sorry
  • non-smoking ads and campaigns just are not working. The outdoor smoking patio looked like a cattle holding pen - packed full all night - still, I'm always excited to come home after a night out and not smell like an ashtray
  • there was a considerably lower skank factor among the girls than I had expected - which I suppose says that I don't have a lot of faith in my fellow women? lol

So a fun time for sure. And fortunately Mia has a birthday every year, or we'd never go out dancing, as she is the dancing queen...and makes us all bend to her will... :)

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