Tuesday, April 11, 2006

weekend masters, prayer and stuff

Oh it's a pot-pourri of stuff on e-L's amazing journey today. First off, while MuchMusic did their VJ search (it's truly nothing that I'm overly excited about) I would just like to give a shout out to *my* favourite Vijay... yeah, he didn't win, but he's very cool anyway. This was the first year I watched the Masters since my dad died. It was a thing with us, and it's been hard to see since he's been gone. But for some reason I wanted to watch this year. And I'm glad I did. I like to yell at the TV "getintheholegetintheholegetinthehole" and "oooooh bad case of the yips, huh??" just like Herb. It makes me happy.

So the Ayn Rand institute is shocked by the news that prayer doesn't help. Well, duh. I do like the letter though, especially this from the opening paragraph: "It is not shocking that prayer has no medical effects--what's shocking is that scientists at Harvard Medical School are wasting their time studying the medical effects of prayer." heh...

Lastly, an iPod safety section on e-L's blog tonight. No, sadly I still do not own an iPod - I just covet those that I see - but there were some news stories about the iPod this week that I thought I would share. First, Apple puts a volume limiter on the iPod - all you iPodders, you be safe out there - even if it does go to 11... In other iPod news (doesn't that make me sound like I actually own an iPod? sigh...) another safety tip - be careful what you sing along to in a taxi - Oy vey. I think I'd rather turn in those Shania listeners, wouldn't you??

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