Wednesday, April 12, 2006

i'm in eqao hell

Not only does it mean homework for Charles on top of the mounds he already brings home, but I tell you it also puts me to the test - this stuff is hard! Okay, not *all* of it - but there is a good amount that takes me a couple of minutes longer than it should !! to decipher and figure out - the math stuff especially. And - uh - yeah this is grade 3. Fortunately the boy is a whiz, so he doesn't need a lot of help. I'm still not sure how I feel about EQAO anyway. I mean, wasn't it brought in by a former anti-teacher government to show how badly teachers were doing? So that they could justify forcing teachers to go back to school? And then somehow on top of that give more funding to the schools that score high, and less to the ones that score low? And in the process, cut programs and staffing? Hmmmm. So I haven't had a chance to talk to Charles' teacher and get her take on it, but I think I might. It's still optional (I think) but Charles is keen - he's smart and he likes to show how smart he is. So he'll participate and be ok.

Charles is also going through the "did you know" phase. Of course, because it's Charles it's more like "didyouknow??" - it must be said extremely quickly and urgently, demanding instant attention. Some examples from earlier this evening:

Didyouknow Canada comes from a native language word "kanata" that means village? (yes)
Didyouknow all the first letters of the Great Lakes spell "homes"? (actually hadn't really thought about that one - so, cool)
Didyouknow our grade 4 checkers team won first place and the grade 5 team won second? (there's a checkers team? who knew?)
Didyouknow there's a marble stuck in my belly button? ( comment)

Didn't I tell you he was smart?

We got the marble out, thanks for asking.

And hey, how do you like this? Oh those resourceful U of W students! Gotta love exam time...


vivian said...

Glad to hear you got the marble out!

My guess is that Max had something to do with it. The younger child is always the mischevious one!

e-Lizabeth said...

viv!! you need to start blogging, babe! and once we start podcasting we'll take over the world mwahahaha!!

vivian said...

As soon as I figure out what to blog about, I'll be all over it! (yes, I am seriously thinking about it) Any ideas for our podcast yet?

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