Saturday, April 22, 2006


Jenn tagged me with the meme of four and I'm it - so here ya go Jenn - and everyone else interested in the minutiae of e-L's life - rock on:

four jobs I've had in my life:
1 - historical interpreter @Whitehern Historical House in Hamilton
2 - sales rep @The Body Shop
3 - musician in the HMCS Star band
4 - corporate librarian @Stelco

four nicknames I've been given:
1 - bissy/bis
2 - e-L
3 - lb (you're not allowed to ask, haha)
4 - mummy (I think that counts?)

four movies I would watch over and over again: (oh my gosh, only 4??)
1 - Singin' in the Rain
2 - The Party
3 - This is Spinal Tap
4 - Some Like it Hot

four places I have lived: (okay, I hope summer living counts cos mostly I've only ever lived in Hamilton, but anyway)
1 - Hamilton, ON
2 - Halifax, NS (for several summers)
3 - Esquimalt, BC (for another summer)
4 - Quebec City, QC (for part of another summer)

four tv shows I love to watch: (again, only 4??)
1 - Corner Gas
2 - What Not to Wear
3 - My Name is Earl
4 - The Simpsons

four places I have been on vacation:
1 - Ireland (ah, to be sure....)
2 - England (London & Kent and various other points)
3 - Bermuda
4 - Daytona Beach, FL

four websites I visit daily:
1 -
2 -
3 -
4 -

four things I could not live without:
1 - my boys
2 - my friends
3 - yoga
4 - wine

four of my favourite foods:
1 - chick peas
2 - sushi
3 - cheese
4 - bagels

four places I would rather be right now:
1 - the cottage
2 - pub in Ireland
3 - a Who concert
4 - in bed (lol)

four friends who I think will respond:
uh - I guess I haven't really tagged anyone via email or anything, so I'd like to hear from:
1 - Viv
2 - Ann
3 - Carly
4 - anyone else who reads this blog - although I don't actually think there is anyone else - sad but true


Carly said...

Okay dear grrl - so here I am LOL. I have a couple of comments for you. First off, I'd really like to know about your nickname lb. You know that we have no secrets. So spill it!

Also a note about your four movies. Are you sure that those four are the ones that you would watch over and over again???? I think I can name a few others that we've discussed previously. But that's probably another list... ;-)

As much as we seem to be very alike in many areas, the favorite foods is not one LOL. Not one of those foods would be on my list.

I've enjoyed looking back over your blog for the past few months. You have a talent for writing. :-)


vivian said...

o.k, you asked for it... (sorry it took a couple of days. I actually had to think about a few of these!)

4 jobs
-Kmart salesperson (yes, I even did the announcements for those flashing bluelight specials)
-university residence desk clerk
-music salesperson
-university administrator

4 nicknames
-Viv (I know, not very original)
-Evian (because it kinda rhymes with Vivian)
-giver (because it rhymes with Viver)

4 movies I'd watch over & over
-Shawshank Redemption
-Young Frankenstein
-When Harry Met Sally
-Jerry MacGuire (I know, I know, totally sappy but it has some of the best lines)

4 places I've lived

4 TV shows I watch (this was tough since I don't really watch TV regularly)
-CSI (only Vegas)
-What Not To Wear
-General Hospital (hey, we all deserve 1 guilty pleasure)

4 places I've been on vacation
-Mayan Riviera, Mexico
-Dominican Republic
-California (L.A., Santa Barbara)

4 websites I visit daily (not quite daily, but regularly) (because I always have something to google!)

4 things I could not live without
-my close friends
-red wine
-my iPod

4 favourite foods
-fresh berries (esp. raspberries)

4 places I would rather be right now (not surpising, similar to your list)
-the cottage
-a pub with the girls
-my bed
-being pampered at the spa


e-Lizabeth said...

Excellent, Viv dahling! And ya know, I don't think i could live without StevieB either...but I thought it might look weird if I put that in my list haha! ;)

Oh and btw, Vivian - Carly - Carly - Vivian. :) you 2 need to meet - and now you kinda have.

So, miss Carlene, where's your 4play list??

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