Thursday, March 30, 2006

yet another reason why shania twain is bad for you...

From the BBC - this crazy ass story - more like "man, I feel like an idiot", wot?? heh... link via BoingBoing, where you can also read about the guy who wasn't charged for drunk driving because he believed Shania was helping him drive. Damn, I love this country...

So Viv and I checked out a fabu-female-icious show last night at Kool Haus. Global Divas was absolutely incredible - there was enough talent on stage to make your head spin. Truly this goes down as one of the most diverse events I've had the pleasure to attend. Where else can you hear an Inuit throat singer jam with a Cuban-inspired jazz band? Absolutely ethereal, and made better only by the company of the ever-inspirational-and-always-rocking Vivian, and the consumption of some $10 per glass red wine - but it was actually more like 2 glasses - so worth it - but uh - yeah, $10 is about what I normally pay for a bottle of wine - damn charity fundraisers and their pricey wine!

In other news, the plant is dead, long live the plant... It's in a plastic bag in my office - kinda sick in a way - it's like Torso - but with plants. I'm not sure if the cleaning staff are going to turn me in or not. And what to do with the freaking gigantic pot the thing was in?? Can you cooler?!

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